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21 06, 2018

Sole Representative Visa Consultants in Delhi help Journalists too!

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The usual client profile for sole representative visa consultants in Delhi is a businessman looking to test the market conditions in the United Kingdom before deciding to make the plunge with a business expansion move. However, the sole representative visa does cater to another kind of purpose too. We are talking about journalists working for [...]

19 06, 2018

UK Startup visa to be a reality

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British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced the launch of a new migratory option for aspiring entrepreneurs across the word in the year 2019: a UK startup visa. The visa, set to be launched in the spring of 2019, will be inviting talented individuals with business plans to the United Kingdom. The UK Startup visa [...]

5 05, 2018

UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Consultants in Bangalore Discuss the ILR

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So you’ve managed to establish and run a successful business in the UK on a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa. But your visa duration is about to expire. What do you do next? The good news is that you have accomplished the hard work. However, you still have a few more steps to go on your [...]

4 05, 2018

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Consultants in Chandigarh Provides UK Extension Overview

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Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa extension experts and Tier 1 Entrepreneur consultants in Chandigarh alike; agree that the UK entrepreneur Visa extension is the next big step after you have established a business in the UK on a Tier 1 Visa. The SmartMove2UK works with top quality Tier 1 Entrepreneur consultants in Chandigarh who can provide [...]

3 05, 2018

UK Entrepreneur Visa Consultants in Mumbai offers a Plan B for your Mumbai Business Goals

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Mumbai… The city of dreams… The city where you can find anything you want if you know the right places to go. If you want the best street food, you go to Juhu Chowpatty, if you want luxury shopping, you go to Palladium, and if you want the best UK Entrepreneur Visa consultants in Mumbai [...]

2 05, 2018

UK Entrepreneur Visa Consultants in Delhi Give a Tier 1 Introduction

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According to UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa consultants in Delhi, Delhi and London are less far apart than they seem. If you are an entrepreneur in Delhi or a start up with big business dreams, then do not hesitate to consider launching your entrepreneurial vision in the UK. The task might seem daunting at first, [...]

17 04, 2018

Apply for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Because UK is The Real Land of Opportunity

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Ask any Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Consultant and they will tell you the same thing. “UK is the real Land of Opportunity.” UK’s willingness and acceptance to welcome change and to come up with new and innovative ideas will always continue to attract businessmen around the globe wanting to invest or start up their own [...]

14 04, 2018

Letter from a father to a son: Tier 1 Entrepreneur Guidance

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Mr. Malhotra got divorced from Mrs. Malhotra 15 years ago and moved to the UK 10 years back, leaving his 17 year old son behind in Mumbai. Today his son is a bright young man, overachieving his job requirements and ready to utilize his natural intellect for an entrepreneurial venture of his own. This venture [...]

15 03, 2018

Entrepreneur visa UK: Acceptances Down, Applications Up

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Visa refusals may seem very vague, ambiguous and stressful at the same time. Even though the 2017 Immigration Statistics confirm a 13% rise in the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa UK applications, the refusal rate for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa UK still stands at almost 42%. The UK government introduced the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa to [...]

14 03, 2018

What to keep in Mind when Applying for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa UK

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The Entrepreneur visa UK route under the Points Based System of the Immigration Rules allows applicants to come to the UK to set up a business. The minimum score required to qualify under this system is 95 points. It is a preferred option for many, including individuals who have graduated from UK institutions as well [...]