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12 03, 2018

Grey Areas in the EEA Family Permit UK Immigration Rules

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The EEA Family Permit UK Regulations impose a requirement that “an EEA family permit issued under this regulation must be issued free of charge and as soon as possible” (Regulation 12(6) of the Regulations). However, there remain grey areas, which end up affecting the lives of the family of EEA members. One such Example (names [...]

9 01, 2018

EEA Family Permit UK Delays Yet Another Happy Ending in Haryana

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Sonia Kabir stares out of the window in her small town Haryana house wondering... wishing… It had been only a few months since the day that she had married. Things seemed to be getting out of hand since. Her husband, Bashir Kabir, is a Portuguese national (of Haryana descent) living and working in the UK [...]

27 12, 2017

EEA Family Permit UK vs Love and Happiness: The Case To Beat All Others

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“I kiss my son good night on skype every night. I miss being there for my wife when she has to stay up all night trying to put him to sleep” says Nitin S. (name changed) a 34 year old Indian national who is married to Deepali a Portuguese national living in the UK. The [...]