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14 10, 2017

Evidence of Meeting the Financial Requirements for Spouse Visa UK

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Everything You Need to Know about Evidence of Meeting the Financial Requirements for Spouse Visa UK! Fundamental Freedom in the European Country: EU Convention on Human Rights provides right to one’s private and family life, his home and correspondence, subject to certain restrictions that are in “accordance with the law” and necessary in [...]

13 10, 2017

Challenges in Obtaining the UK Spouse Visa

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What are the Challenges in Obtaining the UK Spouse Visa? The UK Spouse visa is essential for anyone who wants to live in the UK with their spouse who is a British citizen. Permission to live and work in the UK on a permanent basis can be granted to the foreign spouse, as long [...]

25 07, 2017

2017 FAQs of UK Spouse Visa | Your Questions & Expert Answers by UK Spouse Visa Consultant

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At Smartmove2UK our UK Immigration advisors have put together this list of frequently asked questions. The information provided in the FAQs of UK Spouse Visa is for information only and should not be construed as legal advice. Each individual application differs on the basis of its merits. Applicants are advised to seek specific UK Immigration [...]

16 03, 2017

Meeting Financial Requirement for UK Spouse visa if on benefits (Disability Living Allowance)

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Our firm consulted an applicant who wished to apply for a spouse visa to join his wife (Sponsor) in the UK. His wife was in receipt of Disability Living Allowance and they had reservations as to whether they could even meet the financial requirements. The published guidance notes exempts person in receipt of Disability Living [...]

19 04, 2016

Can a person receiving benefits or allowances apply to bring their spouse or partner to the UK

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Ever since the requirement for meeting the financial requirements came in to effect from 9th July 2012 there has been concern about the right to family life of those individuals who are British citizens or settled in the UK and are claiming UK spouse benefits or allowances from the Government on whether they can bring [...]

9 07, 2015

Challenges to the earning requirement for UK spouse visa

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Rules introduced by Theresa May mean only people earning over £18,600 can bring a wife or husband (Spouse)to live with them in the UK, leaving 47% of British employees potentially unable to live with their loved one in their own country. The research found 74 constituencies in which less than 50% of employees earn [...]