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14 11, 2016

Understanding the test of genuineness for Tier 2 general and Tier 2 ICT vacancy

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The test of genuineness for vacancy introduced by the UKVI empower UK Entry Clearance Officers to evaluate Tier 2 visa applications on a ‘balance of probabilities’ and to refuse applications for entry to the UK if there are ‘reasonable grounds’ to believe that the job described by the sponsor company in its offer advertisements is [...]

19 04, 2016

What does the UKVI mean by genuine & subsisting relationship

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What does UKVI mean by genuine & subsisting relationship while assessing applications for spouse or unmarried partners for entry clearance. Officers often have to assess between genuine & subsisting relationship, given the increase in sham marriages for visa purposes - the number of section 24/24A reports received by the Home Office increased from [...]