With 3 days left for the extended date for Brexit, there seems to be a general consensus that a major Brexit delay, even more than the current one, is definitely on the cards.

The EU council President Donald Tusk has voiced his views that a delay on the 12th of April, or even a date set for the 30th of June (which is what May is going for) would not suffice, in terms of providing the British government led by Theresa May to end this deadlock on the deal negotiation.

May has been making a case for an undefined extension with the German Chancellor, as well as the leaders of France and Italy, to push the date back. While they were not about to budge initially, their tones have softened down over the last 24 hours, possibly influenced by Tusk’s view that the UK would require at least until the end of this year, or March of 2020, to be in stable enough position to completely detach from the European Union. Read Tusk’s invitation letter here.

So what are the Brexit Delay chances according to SmartMove Immigration’s experts?

Brexit Delay: Important Dates

Each of the above possibilities might have unique consequences to the position the United Kingdom holds in the world, in terms of its economic strength, and political influence.

It is unlikely that the Brexit turmoil would affect society in the UK on a broader scale, with social services and other benefits for its citizens continuing as well as ever before. However, the outcomes could affect prospects for future entrepreneurs and startups in the United Kingdom.

Our experts will be offering their calculated opinions on the possible consequences of Brexit on each of the above probable dates, and get back to you through articles, videos and info graphics through the course of this week. So stay tuned, and stay aware of everything going on with the political scenario of the United Kingdom with The SmartMove2UK (a unit of SmartMove Immigration) Brexit blog .

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