Another Brexit delay? Yes indeed. From 29th March 2019 to 12th June 2019 and now 31st October 2019, Brexit has seen more delays than the UK visa decision-making process. The controversy surrounding Brexit has not seen an end since the beginning; when the referendum passed till date.

Brexit was officially scheduled to take place on 29th March 2019. But due to lack of majority votes from the Members of Parliament against the terms of withdrawal drafted by Prime Minister May with the EU, negotiations on Brexit were rescheduled for 11th April 2019.

Yesterday, i.e. 11th April 2019, the negotiations on Brexit took place again and as of today, Brexit has been officially rescheduled to take place on 31st October 2019. In this period what is expected to potentially happen will be decided on how the Brexit is going to take place, whether there will be a Brexit with majority votes from the Members of Parliament or there would be a no-deal Brexit.

However, it is not engraved in stone that Brexit will only take place on the above mentioned date and may not happen earlier. There are several possible outcomes in terms of Brexit that we will potentially witness subject to changes and circumstances;

  • Brexit could take place before 31st October 2019, if the Members of Parliament ratify to the terms of withdrawal of Brexit that are in place presently, provided all other factors remain constant; or
  • The terms of withdrawal could be completely renegotiated along with the consent of the MP’s and major changes can be made to the deal to the extent that a completely new deal could come into place; or
  • The possibility of a No-Deal Brexit is high because that is a default consequence of insubordination of the MP’s with Prime Minister May’s terms of withdrawal; or
  • There could be a possibility of renegotiating the idea of Bexit as a whole wherein the UK could come down to holding another referendum to decide whether it should leave the EU or not; or
  • As a last resort, when no other deal or negotiations work, the UK would have an option to cancel Brexit and revoke the rights they invoked under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Stay ahead with The SmartMove2UK.

These are just a few possible scenarios that we can potentially foresee in the upcoming 6 months with regards to Brexit. These are exhilarating times for the UK and it keeps getting more so with every update that takes place. So stay tuned with The SmartMove2UK’s Brexit Watch blogs and updates so you don’t miss out on anything. If you would like relevant updates about UK Visas being affected because of Brexit, drop in an email to with Subject Line Brexit.


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