The UK intends to go back to the pre-EU blue colored passports. But that’s not all: the prices of the new British passports are set to sore from next Tuesday. Getting yourself a British Passport is set to become a lot more painful to your pockets according to a shock new plan by the Government.

An adult British passport currently costs £72.50. For postal applications, his number is about to increase to £85 from Tuesday, the 27th of March. As far as children’s passports are concerned, they will also be increased: £46 to £58.50.

Adult online applications according to the new plan will increase in cost from the current £72.50 to £75.50, while the children’s online applications will rise from £46 to £49.

The price increase will imply that a family of four (2 adults and 2 children) applying by post will end up becoming lighter on the wallets by a whopping £287.

Now the key question:

When does the new Brexit blue passport come out?

The changes were just confirmed by the Government earlier this month.

The aim of this motion (which was passed by a 317 to 258 Vote in the House of Commons) is to encourage people to apply online.

The HM Passport Office is expected to receive an additional income of up to £50 Million from the increased costs, a study on the impact of the plan concluded.

The Home Office had initially claimed that the increase in passport costs has nothing to do with changing the color back to the original British blue (as opposed to burgundy of the EU) in October 2019, when the UK finally leaves the EU.

They had also assured that the iconic British passports will not lead to any extra costs. The claim was, “These reforms are part of plans by the Home Office to invest £100m on border security and infrastructure next year.”

However in response to the increase in cost in postal charges, they explained the reason as “increased costs of processing postal applications compared to online applications”.

Adding to the absurdity of this plan by the government is another intriguing fact: this contract for the new “traditional” blue British passport has gone to a Franco-Dutch firm, according to reports.

I guess you can’t escape globalization no matter how patriotic you may get!

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