As per Appendix V of the Immigration Rules, a business visa UK comes under the umbrella of a standard visit visa which has replaced other such visas for example the General Visa, the Family General Visa, Child Visitor Visa et al. Any person who genuinely wants to visit UK for one of the following reason i.e. for leisure or for business is bound to be eligible for the standard visit visa.

Multiple things at the same time.

Activities which can be undertaken for UK Business Visa:

Through this visa, the applicant can fore take only certain activities which are related to business such as:

  • For attending conferences and meetings or training
  • To acquire funding to set up or start over or even run the firm in certain circumstances
  • For taking the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board test or sit the Objective Structured Clinical examination
  • Any other such activity which can be included under the purview of the Business Visa which the officials may deem fit to be considered.

Duration of the UK Business Visit

The maximum amount of duration which can be availed is six months but can be extended in the case of dire circumstances.

Cost of Business Visit Visa to the UK

The cost of a Standard Visit Visa is £93 but in the case of long term Business Visas UK, the fees are £350 for 2 years whereas for 5 years, it is £636 and for 10 years, it is £798.

The person can spend only 6 months for every visit he makes to the UK through this route.

UK Business Visit Visa Requirement 2020:

The applicant has to show sufficient evidence and proof with regards to the business activity which he wishes to indulge in the UK and that he intends to leave the UK plus the fact that he has enough funds to facilitate his own return to the home country.

There is a tremendous amount of documentation required to prove these evidence as the Entry Clearance Officers follow stringent rules so that no person with ill intentions is able to get past the UK boundary under false pretence. In such circumstances, it is advisable to consult your attorney or solicitor who have specialized experience in this niche field of immigration.

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