The Home Office introduced a new policy in late 2014 titled Process Instruction Notice 92/2014 Handling of Requests for Priority Treatment of EU Residence card or European Applications. The summary of this policy was simply that Home Office had scrapped its old policy on requesting that EU free movement applications be given priority treatment and speeded up. Instead it now provided that other than where a Minister intervenes, the criteria for prioritising are said to be:

  • refusal of the priority request is likely to create more work (i.e. in justifying the refusal) than would make the refusal worthwhile
  • there is evidence that the case has been mishandled or overlooked. (If the case is more than 6 months old but the delay is justifiable priority should not be given)
  • the applicant is unable to make journeys necessary for compassionate or business reasons on existing documents
  • the applicant has already been significantly inconvenienced as a result of inefficiency on the part of the Home Office. (In such cases priority should be given when the fact comes to light, regardless of whether it is requested)
  • the applicant has secured the agreement of a minister or senior official to priority consideration
  • the applicant has been invited to make a fresh application (where the decision to refuse a previous application might have been made sooner but for an oversight in UKVI, and the new application has been received within a reasonable time after our refusal letter

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