In our continuing efforts to reach out to a wider audience and inform them of the various immigration options for the SmartMove Team held its first public interaction at WeWorks BKC.

The talk provided insights to businesses on the various visa routes to expand their business in UK, USA and Canada; whilst high net worth investors got insights to the various residency and PR options linked to investments; highly qualified professionals benefited from information on the express entry program for Canada PR.

With changing times and a growing population, India is in a phase of rapid change. There has been ongoing change in the economic outlook and shift towards becoming global citizens.

At times like these, it is reasonable and even incredibly strategic, to make expansion plans abroad, with a range of nations offering lucrative investment options for companies, HNI’s and even small scale business owners for expanding their horizons globally.

Today reasons for migration range from family purposes (marriage, joining children or siblings) to people wanting to start afresh in a new country with the skills that they have gained in their home country (Canada Express Entry PR Programs) or for high net worth individuals to leverage the investment opportunity in another country.

Besides the personal migration reasons mentioned, there is also a wide scope for businesses to expand their operations to several nations through a range of different types of business and work visas, depending on the nation and type of expansion.

With all this information, the major roadblock comes even before you get on the road: the inertia keeping you from taking the first step. And that could be a loss of lifetime opportunities.

The outreach initiative of SmartMove Immigration is geared to spread awareness about the various legal immigration options; encouraging people to take that most difficult step; to begin.

We are delighted with the feedback of the participants and are encouraged to schedule more such events, the images speak for themselves; business owners and investors alike, found new avenues to think about, thanks to Mr. Laaheru’s enlightening talk.

SmartMove Immigration is a specialist immigration law firm that has been providing immigration advise and assistance to clients for more than 12 years, and our expertise has added up over the years, to include immigration assistance to UK, USA, Malta, Cyprus, Canada, Portugal and Australia.
If you would like for our Immigration Experts to organize a talk in your campus or city we would be delighted to hear from you. You can email us at

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