UK Home Office changes to Immigration Rules (May 2020) – Tier 4 (General) students applying within the UK.

The Home Office published the ‘Statement of Changes CP 232’, on 14th May 2020 introducing certain changes to the existing UK Immigration Rules pertaining to Tier 4 (General) Students applying within the UK (Appendix W).

These changes are aimed at further specifying and clarifying the underlying aspects of the Immigration Rules which were provided for within the guidance for those specific categories of visas or previously left for interpretation, due to take effect from 4th June 2020.

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The changes to the Immigration Rules pertaining to restrictions for Tier 4 (General) Students applying in the UK include:

  • specifying requirements for those applying from within the UK and having been last granted Tier 4 (General) Student leave
  • specifying requirements for those applying from anywhere (not necessarily within the UK but also including the UK) and regardless of leave granted to them (not necessarily having Tier 4 (General) Student leave) but have been sponsored for their studies in the UK by a government or international scholarship agency (either on-going or ended within the last 12 month period). This included that they have:
    • Been granted unconditional written consent to make the said application from their sponsoring govt. or international agency
    • Provide a letter from each sponsoring organisation issued by an authorised official of that organisation confirming their unconditional consent for the applicant to remain in or re-enter the UK for an unlimited time and must include verifiable contact information of the authorised official

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Tier 4 visa applications for overseas students can still be submitted, however this is dependent on visa application centres being open in the home countries as the applicants have to submit their biometrics.

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