What is a No Deal Brexit, and why is it so scary? A no deal Brexit is what will happen if the United Kingdom reaches the time it has to officially break ties with the European Union without coming to an agreement on what it’s new relationships (economic, trade, political) with the rest of Europe will be like.

As you all must be aware, a nation does not function by being a nation alone. Long gone are the days of fortified kingdoms that are completely self-reliant for their kingdom’s needs. In the modern world, partnerships are everything, especially when it comes to nations. And breaking away from partnerships can be nothing short of chaotic.

There is no better example of this chaos than the Brexit circus taking place in the United Kingdom, as we speak. Deals made, negotiations turned down, votes stalled; anything and everything you associate with dirty politics, is what is happening in Westminster right now.
Bold statement? Well, 2019 seems like the year of bold statements in the UK. It’s been 17 days this year has begun and there has already been a tsunami of landmarks; and not all of them good.

Good for whom you say? Good for anyone to be honest. If we are getting socio-political about the issue then we can talk about whether Brexit has become a partisan issue for the UK where political divides are more prominent national unity.

Over the last three days, 3 major events took place, and the trend for a ‘big event’ a day seems to be going strong this year.

14th January, 2019: Parliament holds a petition discussion on what should be done IF Theresa May’s hard fought negotiation deal does not impress the Parliament. The idea of a People’s vote again was definitely a hot discussion topic, but it didn’t seem like such a conundrum would be necessary.

15th January, 2019: the deal that Theresa may vigorously negotiated her way to over such a long period, came to a crashing end when the Parliament voted to REJECT her deal on the UK’s split from the EU. What this implies now is that the UK government has 3 months left now to come up with a NEW proposal for the EU break up, so that when the time comes and the UK is standing solo, it isn’t drowning from its own weight. This is the ‘no deal’ Brexit that I referred to as something scary in the first line of this article.

16th January, 2019: Just when all hope seemed lost, Theresa May managed to win the no-confidence vote in the parliament, meaning that she could continue leading the British government through Brexit.

The silver lining for British citizens from all this was that Theresa May seems to be taking a more open approach after the confidence vote. She sportingly stated, “Now we know what the Parliament does NOT want, we need to know what the Parliament does want….and we can do that together”.

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