As you all must be well aware, Great Britain’s split from the European Union is going to lead to some massive consequences in terms of its policies about various issues. These consequences are proposed by the government in its white paper publications. Proposals for UK’s immigration were laid out in the Brexit immigration white paper.

Many would argue that the UK’s primary motivation for the Brexit referendum revolved around issues of immigration. Free movers from the EU settling in the UK without a proper job, to illegal immigrants from across the world coming in and taking up a significant portion of the blue collar jobs in the cities of Britain; many British residents believe the UK to have been facing a migrant crisis for a long time now.

The referendum’s over, the results are out, and we have almost approached the time of official departure: 29th of March 2019. That will be the historic day starting from which the UK will no longer be a part of the European Union after 46 years as an EU member. So what now for UK immigration?

“a system where it is workers’ skilled that matter, not which country they come from.”

– Theresa May’s foreword to the UK Skills based Immigration White Paper.

At the end of the previous year, the Home Office in collaboration with Theresa May’s government put down a proposal for The UK’s future immigration system in a White Paper publication. Our experts at The SmartMove2UK will be rigorously analyzing each segment of this important document in order to keep our readers aware of the intricacies and consequences of every change that the UK government will be implementing, come 29th of March.

While many prospective UK migrants have been worried about the consequences of Brexit, the overall theme for UK’s immigration future seems to be set out on a positive note by the Prime Minister in this White Paper publication. To quote May, the new system “will be a system where it is workers’ skilled that matter, not which country they come from.”

Home Secretary Sajid Navid backs up this optimism in his introduction to the White Paper. The consensus amongst the Home Office communication to the people is that the new immigration system, no matter what the nuances might lead to, will be fair on the whole. And that doesn’t seem too bad a direction. Given the confusion that has been rampant lately, it’s good to have a simple motto to abide by for the immigration issues of the nation: be fair to all.

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