For most of us joining back to work on recovering from an ailment is a gradual process, seldom would someone have to jump in weigh in on matters that will potential impact lives of millions and affect the 6th biggest economy in the world – and that is exactly the prospect that Boris Johnson faces when he is back in office.

It has been over a month since the UK announced lockdown in the country on 23rd March 2020, in an effort to combat the spread of Covid-19. The latest number of Coronavirus deaths in the UK stands at 20,732 as of Sunday (26th April 2020) and the total number of detected positive cases is 152,840.
As the proposed review date for the lockdown (7th May 2020) approaches, all eyes are on Boris Johnson. He has to make the difficult decision to either: lift the lockdown completely, extend it further or phase out the process.

Health experts and scientists have analysed the current Covid-19 situation in the UK and expressed disappointment at the rate of decline in daily reported number of new positive cases. Professor John Edmunds (Member of the government’s Sage group of Covid-19 experts) has expressed his concerns over the effectiveness of the enhanced testing and contact tracing system if the lockdown were to be lifted now. He opined that the number of reported cases must come down considerably before lifting the lockdown so as to avoid the system from being overburdened.

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The cabinet ministers and the Tory party’s MPs have been concerned with the economic impact of the lockdown on small businesses across the country. They have been under tremendous pressure from the business community to ease the lockdown measures. Former Tory leader, Iain Duncan Smith said that the government needs to, “bite the bullet and do it”, as some businesses began reopening, despite the ban.

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Amidst growing pressure from the public (which has been expressing their unhappiness with the government’s response to the Covid-19 situation), the cabinet ministers and Tory party’s MPs to lift the lockdown, the Prime Minister and his government is being forced to formulate a practical exit strategy.

Boris Johnson has returned to Downing Street on Sunday, from the 3 week recovery period after contracting Covid-19 earlier this month. In light of the discussions he has been having with his ministers and Home Secretary, Priti Patel’s advice to UK’s citizens to stay home for the foreseeable future, it is likely that the lockdown will not end abruptly in the UK. The nation and the world eagerly await the Prime Minister’s announcement with regard to the matter and the strategy adopted by the UK government.

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