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Namaskara Bengaluru,
Looking to start business in UK?

  • Expand Bengaluru-based business in UK in 90 DAYS!
  • Avail FREE Pre-Assessment from UK Visa Expert
  • Bring your family to the UK
  • Best-suited for SMEs & MSMEs
  • NO English language requirement
  • Apply for Settlement in the UK in 6 years*
  • 5 business members can apply at the same time
UK Visa Expert

Joyce Soans

UK Business Visa Expert in Bengaluru

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UK Visa Expert

Joyce Soans

UK Business Visa Expert in Bengaluru

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What is the UK Expansion Worker Visa?

  • A UK Expansion Worker Visa allows you to enter the UK and open a branch or subsidiary firm of your existing overseas business
  • This is the most popular business visa category, as it requires ZERO Investment and is a self-sponsored route
  • This visa was launched in April 2022, as a replacement for the UK Sole Representative Visa
  • You are also permitted to bring your partner and children (under the age of 18 years) to the UK with this visa
  • Know Everything About UK Expansion Worker Visa

What Documents are needed for a UK Expansion Worker Visa?

  • A Certificate of Sponsorship reference number – given by the UK-based employer.
  • A valid passport to prove identity. The passport must have a blank page.
  • Job title and annual salary.
  • Job’s occupation code.
  • Name of the employer and their Sponsor Licence number – this is mentioned on the Certificate of Sponsorship.
  • Evidence that the applicant has enough personal savings to support their stay in the UK. For example, bank statements.
  • Proof of relationship – partner or children (if they are applying along with the applicant).
  • Tuberculosis test results (if required).
UK Visa Expert

Joyce Soans

UK Business Visa Expert in Bengaluru

Apply your visa successfully

To avoid the risk of visa refusal and visa processing delays, it is highly advisable to seek professional help!

How can The SmartMove2UK help you in your UK Expansion Worker Visa application

For someone with a limited understanding of immigration, it can get pretty confusing while applying for any UK visa. Any errors could result in visa rejection, or even worse, a country ban in certain cases. It will be a smart decision to seek a professional’s help in such matters.

The SmartMove2UK will take care of:

  1. Incorporation (registration) of your business in the UK
  2. Apply for a Sponsor Licence (for Expansion Worker visa)
  3. Advise you on the complete list of documents as per UK Government requirements
  4. Verify the documents
  5. Complete the visa application form
  6. Complete the relevant appendix for financial suitability (where applicable)
  7. Prepare the application pack for submission to the relevant UK Government department
  8. Submit the application and make an appointment
  9. Follow up with High Commission once the application is submitted
  10. Respond to queries from the High Commission on your behalf
  11. Support on the interview (in an unlikely event if required)

About The SmartMove2UK

  • The SmartMove2UK is a UK Immigration firm law based in Bengaluru, India
  • Our office in Bengaluru is led by a team of specialist UK-qualified Solicitor
  • With 16+ years of experience in practicing UK immigration and nationality laws, we offer our clients appropriate, in-depth, and precise solutions to their immigration, travel, and business needs
  • We have 1,000+ successful stories & clientele in 26+ countries!
  • Our UK Visa Consultants will help you expand your business in the UK successfully

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Appreciation we got from our client

“Dear The SmartMove2UK Team,

First, kindly accept my heartfelt thanks for your cordial support and leverage rendered to me throughout my entire application process of UK Visa. I know that my Visa type was not such a popular one, but I am grateful to your team to give confidence about proceeding in the category.

Secondly, I am very much happy to receive responses from you and your entire team every hour to hour while preparing & filing the application. Definitely, big hats off to you all especially to coordinate with tech-savvy people like me who interact through different sources and mediums at the same time which is not limited to Emails, Google Drives, WhatsApp, Phone calls, etc.

Trust me; I started recommending you to various colleagues and friends of mine which I usually never do because I have learned the difference between 99% and 100% through the vast experience I have gained these years. Am glad that you have delivered the highest level of performance for the righteous output. Am happy that you have framed the best building box in my career. Thanks again.”

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