The launch of a new Passport return service by the Home Office from 1st October 2016 that allows EEA Nationals and Swiss nationals to apply for either a registration certificate or permanent residence is proving to be very popular. The service has been introduced to create a more streamlined application process and ease the burden on UK Visas and Immigration’s EEA casework department.

It required the applicants to complete an application form online and prepare the necessary supporting documents. They then need to arrange an appointment with a participating local authority (eg the nearest participating council), which will be within five working days of submitting the application form online.

At the appointment the local authority will photocopy the applicant’s passport and forward this together with the applicant’s completed application form and checklist to the Home Office. The applicant’s passport will be returned at the end of the appointment, and he or she will therefore still able to use it while the application is being processed.

This is a huge relief to EEA applicants who can now have their passports whilst their applications are being processed. However, it does not help if you have a non EU/EEA family member who is applying for a Residence card at the same time, as this will require the original passport to be submitted to the Home Office.

Following the outcome of the Brexit vote, there is large numbers of EEA and Swiss nationals scurrying to have some formal document confirming their rights to remain in the United Kingdom, either as an EEA national exercising treaty rights or on the grounds of entitlement to permanent residence under the EEA regulations.

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