The Labour Party primarily addresses immigration with respect to the rights of EU citizens currently in the UK, and immediately guarantees existing rights for all EU nationals living in Britain and secure reciprocal rights for UK citizens who have chosen to make their lives in EU countries. The post-Brexit immigration would acknowledge that freedom of movement will end when the UK leaves the European Union. The Labour Party is also most likely to adopt a skills-based immigration system and will be able to identify ‘labour and skills shortages’ and institute a system which may include ‘employer sponsorship, work permits, visa regulations’ and it would also ‘ensure there is no return to a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland’. Further, it even promises that there will be ‘no change in the status or sovereignty of Gibraltar’.

Further, the migrant impact fund would be reinstated and would require an additional contribution from the investments required for High Net Worth individuals Visas. The party intends to end indefinite detention, distinguish between migrant labour and family attachment, replace income thresholds with a prohibition on recourse to public funds, reinstate the rights of migrant domestic workers, and end this form of modern slavery, reintroduce funding for the preparation of judicial review cases.The party lastly promises to review arrangements for housing and dispersing refugees and that the government would not include international students in immigration figures.

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