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UK Visa Expert

Joyce Soans

UK Immigration Expert

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UK Visa Expert

Joyce Soans

UK Immigration Expert

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UK Sole Representative Visa is now UK Expansion Worker Visa. Just fill out the form and let our UK Business Visa Expert handle your queries & give you more information.

Why UK Sole Representative Visa

  • UK Permanent Residency
  • British Passport is the 7th strongest passport in the world
  • No minimum investment
  • Stable economy and sustainable growth of welfare
  • Eligible for mortgage
  • Access to 180+ countries without visa
  • UK citizenship for the whole family
  • One of the best in the world of education for your children
  • Social, political and economic protection
  • Free high-class medical service
  • Hub for Innovation

What is UK Sole Representative Visa

The Sole Representative Visa is suited for businesses who want to establish a presence in the UK and allows individuals to come to the UK as a representative of an overseas business. The business can be a Limited company, private limited, LLP, Partnership or even a sole proprietorship. Individuals will be permitted to set up a UK branch or wholly owned subsidiary of their existing business.

You can apply if you meet the following requirements

  • You are a full time employee of a business
  • You are not the majority shareholder of the business
  • The business can evidence sufficient funds to support an expansion
  • You are proficient in English level at A1 level

What are the documents required to apply successfully for the UK Sole Rep Visa

  • Valid travel identification, like your current passport
  • Evidence of your employment
  • Evidence of the company’s credentials
  • Proof to show that you meet the English language requirement

What is Sole Representative Visa Extensions

If you are already in the UK as either a representative of an overseas business or an employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organization, then you would be eligible to apply for an extension of your visa.

What normally people ask

Under the representative of an overseas business visa, there is no requirement to invest money to obtain the visa. The assessment is made around the financial strength of the overseas company and whether it would be able to support its expansion plans and sustain for 3 years. You may choose to provide a Business Plan outlining your financial projections and how much you intend to invest to start and maintain your business.

Yes, the representative of the overseas business is a full-time employee of the wholly owned branch or subsidiary of the overseas entity.
There are no restrictions on the type of businesses that are prohibited from applying for opening a branch or subsidiary in the UK. Any business will be required to have the relevant certifications, accreditations as prescribed for the industry (e.g. financial services, medical, oil & gas etc).
Whilst there is no prerequisite for the parent company to have a certain amount of profitability. It would be useful if the company can demonstrate sufficient funds to support the expansion.
No, you cannot work for another employer whilst you are in the UK as representative of an overseas business.
Yes, your family members (spouse and children below the age of 18 years) can join or accompany you to the UK.
While an interview is not mandatory for the application, the UKVI reserves the right to schedule an interview with an applicant to ascertain they meet the requirement of the visa and to clarify any points linked to the applicant’s immigration history.
If you have any specific question or need customised assistance, you can reach out to our immigration expert on Chat or Call / WhatsApp nos: +91 98191 27002 also you can BOOK CONSULTATION.
UK Visa Expert

Joyce Soans

UK Immigration Expert

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Feedback of our clients who have successfully applied

The team is excellent and professional from the very start of the process. Joyce, Saurav, Surabhi and Hemang are great to work with. All questions are answered graciously and promptly. Their attention to detail to see the whole process through is impressive. I am grateful for thy smooth process in receiving our visas. I highly recommend SmartMove2UK…

Mark Taylor,

UK Sole Representative Visa,
Delhi, India

The SmartMove2UK are very professional and according to me, The Best UK Immigration Consultants. They were always there for any queries we had. They are quiet experienced and did a fabulous job in my case,which was not a easy thing. I sailed through so swiftly and getting a Overseas Sole Representative Visa for UK seemed like a piece of cake…

Sheetal Phatate,

Overseas Sole Rep Visa for UK,

First, kindly accept my heartfelt thanks for your cordial support and leverage rendered to me throughout my entire application process of UK Visa. I know that my Visa type was not such a popular one, but I am grateful to your team to give confidence about proceeding in the category. Secondly, I am very much happy to receive responses from you…

Hari Krishna,

UK Sole Representative,

About The SmartMove2UK – Immigration Law Firm

The SmartMove2UK (a unit of SmartMove Immigration) is a niche firm of UK Immigration law in India with branches in India (Mumbai | Delhi | Bengaluru) led by a specialist Solicitor.

Evolving from practicing exclusively in the areas of UK nationality and immigration law. Our expertise now encompasses a wider global mix including immigration laws of Australia, New Zealand, USA, Malta, Portugal (Golden Visa), Dominica, St. Kitts & Nevis, India and Canada.

With more than a decade of Experience providing immigration and nationality services, we offer clients a personal and friendly, yet comprehensive solution to their immigration, travel and business needs.

With the benefit of our extensive experience, we are able to understand your needs and advise on the prospects of success and potential pitfalls in pursuing an application. Working together, we will use our experience to find a solution that matches your needs wherever possible.

Our clientele includes Individuals, Corporates Corporations, Investors , Entrepreneurs and Innovators.

Why The SmartMove2UK


By submitting my data I agree to be contacted. Our Privacy Policy.

By submitting my data I agree to be contacted. Our Privacy Policy.

With 99% Success Rate, your Sole Rep Visa application will be safe in the hands of our immigration expert

The SmartMove2UK

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