We pride ourselves on what our clients have to say about us. Read below what some of our clients from Mumbai and surrounding zone have said about our service.

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A big thanks to Mr Hemang, Ms Falguni, Ms Surabhi & Ms Joyce. I would absolutely recommend SmartMove2UK to those who are keen on travelling to UK. The team is highly professional and very helpful. The application was done with no errors and we received our reply within 15 days. Thanks a lot again. All the best in your future endeavours.
As far as I have experienced the way visa consultants and consultancies work SmartMovetoUk is the best amongst all. My husband and I have applied for Tier 4 Student and dependant visa category we both got the visa within speculates time.

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Inspite I had 1 previous UK rejection and my husband had 3 previous US rejection we ended up successfully getting visa this month.
Prabha was our solicitor and undoubtedly she was just awesome when it came to communication, time management and assuring us in every point of time that we were heading towards right direction.

Thanks a lot team hope you’ll make many more clients happy in the way we are….:)


Very happy with the service surabhi and falguni mam did an amazing job! Surabhi guided me during the entire process and listened patiently to all my queries!

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I highly recommend their services to everyone! I got my partner settlement uk visa approved within 30 days! Thank you so much to everyone at smartmove2uk.



Harsimran Kaur Sandhu, UK Spouse Visa. Mumbai, India
To Surabhi & Saurav,

Thank you so much for your efforts and co-operation. I am glad and will always pray for your success.

Truly Smart Service !! accurate & honest advice !!!
I can say that they are the best in this field…Hemang and his team are very transparent in their dealings, they always keep you posted with the case progess and make extra mile to ensure the positive outcome….

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In my case , I have given 4 different cases to SmartMove2UK and the success rate is 100%…today because of SmartMove2UK, me, my parents, my wife and daughters all staying together here in Leicester UK….

I wish them all the very best in their future endeavours….and guys be ready very soon there is one more case coming from my side…


I am dealing with SmartMove2UK from past 3 years with various visas. They have been an absolute help to me and their style of working is smart and up to the mark. I recently obtained Tier 2 Dptnt-Visa because of Prabha Sadhwani my Immigration Advisor. She helped me from giving the right advise till arrange the documents as per the requirement.

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My queries were solved spontaneously by her and never stopped herself to cross any milestones for my visa application. I strongly recommend SmartMove2UK to applicants and you ask for Prabha for your case on request.


I would like to start by thanking the entire team at smartmove, especially Falguni, Prabha and Joyce.
I went to them when I was at an all-time low in my life, just having received a rejection from the home office and having to live away from my husband within 6 months of us being married.

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The way Falguni gave me the confidence and assured me that within few months we could reapply and that, that application would be watertight leaving no room for a rejection again, made me feel much better and gave me some direction to move on in life.
During the course of the application, I was pleasantly surprised when Prabha along with myself dedicated half a day in just arranging my documents (which were a good 7kgs) before the day of Visa application and biometric screening. Honestly, I was expecting them to just guide me with the steps but with this level of involvement I was deeply touched and greatful.
At the end of the entire process I realized that we had actually become friends because the way the team stood by me during these trying times I guess only they knew what I was going through and that’s what got us closer. I could go on and on about the contribution the team at smartmove2uk have made to my life, but I would just like to end by saying that I have nothing but gratitude for the team and my husband and I will forever be thankful to them. Obviously I would be going back to them for future BRP and leave to remain renewals and hope that you do too without batting an eyelid :).


“Inspite of having very less chances, I’m truly glad that the Smartmove2Uk has shown so much of enthusiasm towards my case and worked really hard to make it happen.
Thank you.”
Neha Manoj Kumar Singh, EEA Family Permit, Mumbai. India
“To SmartMove2UK,
Thank you all the members of SmartMove2UK and special thanks to Prabha and Joyce who helped me. I knew that my visa process was in good hands the way Prabha..

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was coordinating with me. We had an excellent experience with SmartMove during my Visa process. SmartMove is a very professional and communicative company. Their approachability is mind blowing. Great service from all especially Prabha. Thank you for everything.


Mr. Ambrose’s UK spouse Visa approvedRichard Joe Ambrose, Mumbai - UK Spouse Visa
Dawood Ismail Mahomed (husband of the client)
SmartMove2UK, just because of them I am soo much happy. Hemang Sir made it possible, just because of him I got visa after soo many many refusals and appeal. From the first call to Hemang Sir, Joyce Ma’am, Sanyukta..

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Ma’am and Drishti Ma’am, and the whole team made it done. Whenever I called they answered all my queries Joyce Ma’am and Sanyukta Ma’am. Sanyukta Ma’am is the person whom I irritated the most. Thanks a lot for your hard work.

Meeting Hemang Sir and discussing with him the whole case, he took everything easily, noting everything in his diary, listening to me so much calmly and discussing with Drishti Ma’am my case and advising me. He had made my spouse and children’s dream true.


EEA Family Permit testimonialShabnam Rahimatulla Hanifsha, EEA Family Permit from Goa

“To SmartMove2UK,
First of all I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH, to Falguni Mam and SmartMove2UK Team for their lots of efforts to get us Visa.

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This is second time I am so much happy after Marrying Kea. It’s been long time (more than 3 months) I haven’t seen my lovely, beautiful wife and now soon I am gonna see her (in next 10 days). It’s all because of Falguni Mam and SmartMove2UK Team that I can meet my wife and I can’t wait more to see her. (Well my happiness say’s that I will need so many supplements)
I and Kea love confident and professional work of Falguni Mam and SmartMove2UK Team and we both appreciate that all. These all things and relationship with SmartMove2UK Team gave us so much trust and confidence that we can be together soon.


A great experience right from the very first phone call. Professional staff, thorough working knowledge of updated processes and strong follow ups are at the heart of this agency.

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I highly recommend contracting their services and guidance in procuring your Visa and you may be blessed to have Saurav as your point of contact.I am truly satisfied with my experience.


Yannick Michel Clifford Saldanha, EEA Family Permit - Mumbai

First of all a big heartfelt Thank you to Falguni and her team who made this visa process so easy for me. Thank you Saurav and Joyce for putting up with me for all kinds of questions.

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They are complete professionals, and up to date with all the Immigration process, they spend a lot of time making sure you are sending right documentation that is needed for a successful visa. And trust me they are there with you in every step and happily answering all your question. Highly recommended Smartmove2UK to anyone who’s looking for any kind of visas to the UK.


Mrs. Sheny Karunakaran, Mumbai - UK Dependant Visa
A big thank you to Mr Hemang Laheru and his staff for handling my clients Tier 1 Visa Applications with 100% success. Would highly recommend Smart Move 2 UK for all immigration and visa requirements.
Mr. Vivek Anasane from Mumbai on UK Tier 1 VisaMr. Vivek Anasane, Mumbai - UK Tier 1 Visa
To Falguni, Joyce and the whole team of Smart Move 4 Visas,
Its been a pleasure working with you all.. I appreciate all your help in providing assistance to me and

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my husband during our spouse visa
application for UK. Our first application in the month of November was rejected due to ignorant ways of submitting our application. Lack of documents was another reason for our refusal. I was very depressed after this outcome and realized things have to be done in the right manner with proper guidance.
I did a google search and found the contact details of this firm , I was apprehensive of approaching professionals first because my application was rejected even after approaching one.. I first spoke to Joyce who was so calm and positive during our first phone call conversation, her speech and calmness lured me to approach them.
I then met solicitor Falguni, who admitted and explained that my first application lacked documents that are required for this type of application..After speaking to her for 30 minutes,I knew that my application can be entrusted in her hands, and believe me since then I have not regretted any of my decisions. She was quick enough to make moves regarding my application, scrutinize every details of my case and Joyce helped me make my UK NARIC application .. I thank her dearly for the same. We were ready to bounce back within a month after my visa was rejected and all went well. Changes regarding the spouse visa application from UK gov continuously interrupted my peace of mind but proficient Falguni trusted her abilities and advised not to lose hope. The long 3 month waiting period killed me and I was on the verge of losing hope when Falguni instilled some strength in the situation to hang on for few more days and believe me victory was ours. I and my husband were ecstatic when we had a successful outcome ..
Thank you Falguni and team.. God bless you all. Keep up the good work. I walked in their firm as a client but now I am walking out with friends. I strongly recommend smart move 4 visas.. You will not regret your decision.
– Mili and Parin.


Thanks a lot Smart Move for all the help, It was a great Pleasure in undergoing the application Process with you.

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It was smooth, all my questions where answered and it made my life simple rather than not knowing what to do exactly in the application Process for EEA Family permit. Thanks a Ton Surabhi you made it possible !!!


Ajay Sql, Mumbai - EEA Family Permit Visa

My experience with Smartmove2UK has been amazing and would definitely recommend their services. Trust worthy, knowledgeable and professional while dealing with every application they manage.

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It was very Impressive the way they handle complex cases and made sure every requirement of the Visa application are covered.

My special thanks to Falguni for helping me sorting my UK visa application (Falguni, you never resist answering the same question over again and amazingly knows your subject so well).

Thank you Saurav for making sure all my queries are answered and always being available for a chat.

Thank you Smartmove2UK


Kirti Shah, Mumbai - UK Visit Visa
My mother’s UK tourist visa got rejected when she tried to do the application herself for the first time. Then we got in touch with SmarMove2UK and they made the whole complicated process seem very simple and easy.

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They assisted and took responsibility for the whole process from the start till preparing the whole bunch/file for the submission. The visa was approved within 10 working days. We are highly satisfied and recommend consulting Smartmove2UK before moving forward on your own.


Mala Kamra (Mother of Yogesh Kamra), Mumbai - UK Visit Visa
Getting my visa process done from SMARTMOVE2UK was the best decision ever!
I have no words to express just how incredible the entire experience has been working with you.
From day one I knew that my visa process was in good hands simply because of the professionalism, and great support shown by you towards me and my case.

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Special thanks to Falguni who has been simply incredible from the start. I trusted her completely as she possesses all the knowledge for preparing your application in the best way ever. I cannot thank her enough being so supportive throughout and for preparing such a fantastic application.
My family and I are immensely happy, thanks to SMARTMOVE2UK.
Thank you so much everyone it’s been such a pleasure working with you and I totally recommend you to all those who dream of moving abroad.
Lord Bless!


Natasha Achrekar, Mumbai - UK EEA Family Permit Approval
I would like to thank Falguni & the entire team of Smart Move for guiding me through the entire process of getting the EEA Family Permit visa to UK. Falguni has been very supportive and calmed us down when we were soo tensed about the visa as brexit was taking place.

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With continuous co-ordination and follow up with the uk government and and time to time feedback on giving the updates, the entire documentation work done by smart move team really made this day possible. I would recommend everyone who would like to apply for any visa to UK, please contact them because they are the best and their work is exceptional. Thank you once again Falguni Ma’am and Team! :)


Ms. Shweta Gonsalves, Shewta EEA family permit application is successful from Mumbai

Excellent Work. Good Advice. Surabhi as an Immigration Advisor was Great :)
Jerald Julie & Jonathan

Thank You Hemang & Falguni

Mr. Jerald Castelino, Mumbai - UK EEA Family Permit

A BIG THANK YOU….From the first meeting, Falguni put us at ease with the daunting process of applying for a visa;
she broke down all the technical jargon,

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and told us exactly what we needed to do, within realistic time frames. She was always easily contactable, if we had any queries or problems. It is only because of her help that we are back together and able to carry on with our lives. We will always be very grateful.
We wish the best for you Falguni, and your SmartMove2UK Team.Thank you again,
Jennifer and Sanket.


Thankyou so much SmartMove2UK for the help during my visa application process. I honestly was very upset and discouraged after my visa got rejected the first time. I decided to visit SmartMove2UK

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with the little hope i had. Hemang Sir went through my papers very systematically,
making points of what could be done next and what all could be added to my application to make my case stronger. Thankyou for being so patient sir. Thanks for listening to what we had to say and ask and answer every little doubt we had. None of my time was wasted and I’m so gald this worked out and I got my visa. Thanks Mamta and joyce for all the help and for being patient with me. I am very grateful to all of you. Wishing you all the very best in the future.


Dear Hemang,
Let me take this opportunity to thank you for getting the EEA family Visa for me as well as for my mother. It was possible because

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of your valuable help, support, guidance, perseverance.Your problem solving ability & clearing of our queries and doubts brought in transparency in the complete process. Wouldn’t have been possible without your patience and confidence, even after the Visa been rejected for my mother.
Me and my family are definitely indebted for your extended courtesy during this trail period.
We would pursue with SmartMove2UK for further legal work in UK.
Once again a million Thanks to Hemang Laheru !!!
Thanks a lot to the SmartMove2UK team.
Zaheer Shaikh


Thank you to the entire team at SmartMove2UK.
For helping with my mother and younger brother’s UK Visit visa application.
They were worried about the visa process but you all made it very smooth and easy.
Best regards,
Harshal S.
Client had no history of travel to any other country.
“I wasnt sure about the papers needed as I didnt have any history, SmartMove2UK advised me on the paperwork and provided all the formats. Thank you”
Dear Hemang sir,
My visa has been approved.
Thank you so much!
Best regards
Sunil Nair

Dear Falguni, I really appreciate for all the hard work and specific things you have taken care of Thank you for your time and commitment for bringing to accomplishment.
God Bless from Melba & Edwin.

The visa has come through and many thanks for your help during this process.
Best regards
Diksha S
I recently needed to apply for a spouse visa for UK and was quite lost not knowing how to go about ensuring that my application would be sufficient. My husband is a British citizen by birth but he has been settled n India for a long time now and he was going back as a student and I was supposed to join him there.

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It was a little complicated as you can tell. There was too much at stake for me and I had to give it my best shot! SmartMove2UK helped me understand and evaluate my case. They provided step by step guidance throughout the process and entertained me whenever I had a question or doubt with a smile. With their informed guidance I was able to get my visa in the smoothest way possible. I thank the entire team for being so friendly, understanding and supportive. Most other agencies I had spoken to earlier only confused me and in fact also gave me incorrect information regarding the process. SmartMove2UK is so trustworthy and great to work with, I would recommend it to all my friends. Great job guys and Thank you once again! Special mentions to Prabha, Falguni, Surabhi and Joyce.!


Thank you for helping to organise all our information to enable us to meet the financial requirement for the spouse visa.

Best regards
Shruti S

Thank you so much Hemang, my previous decision was overturned and I have been granted visa for the UK.

Best regards
Preethi D

“Thanks, Falguni for all your help and support!”

Dear Pooja,

We got visa , thanks to you and Falguni for all the efforts. We really appreciate efforts put in by SmartMove2UK.
I will surely recommend SmartMove2UK to my family and friends.

Supriya (UK)

Dear All,
We both want to express our deep appreciation for the help and support you have offered us during Preeti’s visa application. We feel very grateful to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our many questions. Without your help, We doubt We would have been able to complete her application in such a proficient and timely manner.
We consider our-self very fortunate for having a chance to work with an expert of your caliber. I really value the knowledge and insight you have, and your willingness to share it with us.
Wishing you all the very best for each and every one of your future endeavors!
Best regards
Vikram & Preeti
Vikram & Preeti, Tier 2 dependant visa application from Mumbai
I would like to thank Smart Move2UK for their help in my UK EEA Family PERMIT visa application. When I approached them, my two times application had been rejected in 2009 student visa under 320 (7a) and second in 2015 EEA FAMILY PERMIT I was also told that I had no right to appeal. I was totally devastated and discouraged and had no idea what to do. I came to Smartmove2uk with little hope. But after meeting Mr. Hemang and discussing the entire matter with him, I was assured by him that I could reapply a EEA FAMILY PERMIT and there is a chance for success.
At no point was I fed any lies or my matter dealt with lightly. Mr. Hemang was always professional and to the point. He highlighted the exact kind of documents that I would require and requested for paperwork accordingly. Everything was completed exactly in the timeframe what smartmove2uk team committed. Mr. Hemang was very patient and very professional to all my queries and was always available when I had doubts. Smartmove2UK team were very helpful and at no point was I given a reason to doubt my decision to come to Smart move.
Thanks to them my visa has now been approved, all credit goes to the painstakingly put together paperwork and proof and the case presented by Mr. Hemang. I will forever be grateful to Smartmove2uk and wish them all the best in the future.
Thank you Mr. Hemang, Ms. Joyce, Ms. Reema and entire Smartmove2UK team. May god bless u All.

Thanks for helping us with my mothers visa.
SmartMove2UK has been very friendly and professional in helping me with my mother’s UK Visa.
Jyoti has followed up with me since the day I’ve been to their office and has been very diligent in listing out the documents required for the visa and in collecting the same from me. Even though the process took some time as I was not able to provide all documents together, Jyoti was very patient in dealing with us. Right from visiting their office and receiving the visa, SmartMove2UK has helped us with every little detail. Wish them the very best.


Mariamma Mathews - Mumbai, UK Visitor Visa
Dear Sir/ Madam,

We really appreciate your service towards guidance and documentation part for issuance of UK Visa.

We will definitely give your reference to our friends and business group towards issuance of UK visa.

Ones again thank you for your kind cooperation.


Notandas & Sons, Mumbai, Overseas Domestic Work visa

Got the visa, I am so happy!! Many thanks for all your help and making it so simple.

Sandeep M., Spouse Visa - Pune
I am very much thankful to Lolita, Joyce, Reema and Mr. Hemang Laheru for their assistance in obtaining
a Tier 2 Dependent visa for me and my baby. I took a good decision by approaching Smart Move 2UK. Without their help, I would have never been able to achieve success in our visa application. My baby and I will soon join my husband at Liverpool, UK.

Thank you, team Smart Move 2 UK

Rohini K., Tier 2 General dependent - Mumbai
I am happy to inform you that I have received my residence card. Thank you for all your help and support throughout the application process.
Manorath J., EEA Residence Card - London
My wife and daughter both got visitor visa. Thanks a lot for all help. Appreciate it.
Vinay S., General Visit visa – the applicant’s husband was on a Tier 2 visa - London
Thank you very much for your detailed description on the visa matter…. This is indeed the type of assistance I was looking for; to correct every possible mistake and overlooked error and to make my case as strong as possible. Thank you once again.
Samuel L., Tier 2 Minister of Religion - Mumbai
The services provided by smartmove4visas are extremely professional. The moment I read the cover letter drafted by them I understood the VISA will get clear. Hemang has the expertise in getting various kinds of VISAS. He is able to find to the point matter from candidate which can be explained to VISA authorities with proofs of the same. Thanks a lot for this guidance of you to Hemang and team. Highly recommended for anyone’s VISA help.
Tanushree A., General Visit Visa – client had been refused a visit visa when they came to us. - Mumbai
I am extremely happy to inform that I got my visa today. I would like to thank Hemang sir and his team for all the efforts, especially Miss Reema for her support. I am attaching a screen shot of my visa. I will definitely recommend my friends too about SmartMove2UK. You guys made it really look simple. Once again Many thanks.
Sonal K., Tier 2 General – client had got a job as a nurse with NHS. - Mumbai

Passport received with visa stamped. We would like to come and see u.

Charles P, EEA Family Permit - Mumbai
Pleased to inform you that I have received my pp and visa today. I have attached the details I have received. Myself and my family thank you and smart move for visas for your cooperation and help for this visa. We will let our friends and relatives know about your service. Thanks Hemang. All your cooperation and professional help made it happen.
Suman B., Appeal – UK Spouse visa refusal – client was refused Spouse visa and had instructed us to file the Grounds of appeal - London
Thank you for all your help in follow ups for my daughters British Passport.
Janak D., British Passport - Ahmedabad
Hi Hemang
I have received my visa for the UK. Thank you for all your help. I look forward to use your services in future.
Kritika S. - Huxley Associates, General Visit Visa. - Mumbai
Thanks a lot for the exhaustive cover letter and the excellent support to get my visa in 3 days.
Jash R., Tier 4 General – client was refused an earlier application due to insufficient evidence of funds. - Mumbai
I just wanted to email you that Yusuf got his residency card last Friday. We would like to thank you very much for your help and support through the whole process.
Yusuf, EEA Residence Card - Aberdeen

Thanks for all your help and support. Really appreciate it!!

Nita D., General visit visa – client had no history of travel and did not own any assets in India - Mumbai

Me and my son got the visa, we will be joining my husband in the UK.

Purvi T., Tier 4 dependent - Vadodara
I am very happy I was able to be in the UK for my granddaughters first birthday!!
Edward M., UK visit visa – client had been refused a visit visa before - Mumbai

Thank you for helping us get our UK visa to see our son!!

Salim A., UK Visit visa – applicants were senior citizens with no previous international travel and wanted to visit their son in UK - Mumbai
Many thanks to Hemang for all your help and support to help me get to the UK for my engagement!!
Bhadra N., UK Visit visa for entire family – client needed to visit the UK for her engagement. - Mumbai
I would like to thank ‘Smartmove2UK’ team for excellent job done. Especially Miss Sana Shaikh who had patiently gone through all the documents and submissions. This service was very helpful as they suggested that I add several documents that were unknown to me. Thanks again and hope to re-use your services again.
Imran M., UK Visit visa for family member joining the main applicant on a student visit visa - Mumbai

I got the Visa.
I am so happy… it couldn’t be successful without you, your team and Ms. SANA too :).You did all the work smoothly, the documentation was so great I never expected that I could get a visa in unexpected time. It took only 9 days to get my Visa. Thank you so much. Really I have chosen THE best consultancy and I am so happy.

Mayuri N., UK Visit visa – the client had no history of travel and was employed and being paid in cash - Mumbai
Hello Hemang
I have received all the documents and my passport from the British High Commission. They have granted me the family visit visa for 6 months. Thanks for all your help and your time.
Dhanusha B., UK Family visit visa – clients mother was already settled in the UK however the client did not have any savings in own name. - Mumbai
Dear Falguni and Hemang,
Thank you very much for all the assistance to help get my visa. Had it not been so much of your effort I am sure I would not have got the visa.
(Name withheld), EEA Family Permit – the client had no previous travel history and has a couple of court cases pending in India including traffic violations. - Mumbai
Hello Hemang,
I just received my passport with the Permit for six month. I am really happy and satisfied with you and Falguni and I will definitely suggest to my friends if they need any assistant regarding visas and all thanks once again.
Vignesh, EEA Family Permit – client was in UK on Tier 4 and married an EU national. - London
I was worried if I would get the visa. But the team at Smart Move 2 UK gave me a lot of confidence and we were successful.
Ketan J., UK General visit visa – client had previously been refused visit visa - Mumbai
Many thanks for your all your help!!
Sanjay V., UK General visit visa – clients had no previous history of international travel - Surat

I am so happy that I choose a genuine, helpful Solicitors at Smart Move 2UK firstly like to thank the Director of Smart Move 2UK Hemang Laheru for the professional support and guidance all through the procedure and his team Reema, Sana and few others. Honestly like to thank all the team of Smart Move 2UK for their professional service till the time I got my visa successfully really appreciated their work in a real professional manner and I would like to choose Smart Move 2UK for all my future visa guidance and service and I would highly recommend people to choose Smart Move 2UK for their visa needs. They are really professional. Thank you once again team at Smart Move 2UK.

Nikit H., UK Family Visit visa – the client is married to a UK national but not applying for Spouse visa just yet as the sponsor needs to meet the financial requirement - Mumbai

Dear Hemang sir,
Please find attached the scan copy of my visa for UK. Thank you very much once again for you and your team’s efforts in getting the visa done. My case was difficult but it was made simple by you. I believe that you will be helping me in getting my further visa for my family and also the Tier 1 visas in future.

Purav T., Tier 4 General student visa. - Gujarat
I applied for settlement visa on 12th March 2015 and received an email on 19th March 2015 that a decision was made and passport was dispatched. I had never heard anyone getting settlement visas in seven working days! It is no less than a miracle for us. When I was planning to apply for visas, the document requirements of the UKVI was making me crazy, but Falguni and her team had been assisting and guiding on every step, making the process so smooth. Falguni is very patient, helpful, cooperative, knowledgeable and hardworking. Her quick replies, positive and friendly attitude kept me in relief all the time. I would like to thank you once again for your help in completing and organizing important documents from my case. Hope you keep up your good work in helping dreamers like me. CHEERS!!!
Jyoti, Fiancé visa - Settlement visa application - Mumbai

With great pleasure and regard I write this testimonial for the excellent quality services rendered here at Smart Move 2 UK. Personally I feel indebted to Mr. Hemang Laheru & Miss Reema Sharma for their personal touch and concern for my purpose, which makes this experience more worthwhile and fulfilling. Overall my satisfaction level is A+, with the quality of service and promptness of communication. I wish Smart Move team success and good fortune for future.

Thank you for helping my mother get a 2 year UK Visit visa!!

Mary S, UK Visit visa - 2 years - Mumbai

Thank You to the team of Smart Move to UK, you have really worked hard for me and my younger son’s settlement visa and for my son’s student visa. A dream come true as my son would soon be with us in UK and complete his further education.
Your efforts are Highly Appreciated. Hip Hip Hurray…..

Gurleen K, Tier 4 student visa - Leeds
Very good and cooperative staff!! The service was also very good.
Jadhav N.K, UK Visit visa - Mumbai
Hello Hemang,
We would like to inform you that my in laws UK visa is done & big thank you to you & your team for all the assistance. Will definitely recommend you to our friends.
Chetan B., UK family visit visa – clients had been refused a previously when they approached Smart Move 2 UK - London

Thank you Falguni and the Smartmove2UK team, I was disappointed when my visit visa was refused but you gave me the confidence to challenge the decision and then worked on my case to get it overturned. Thank you very much.

Sanjay V, Judicial Review petition for General Visit visa – client's application was refused earlier. - Mumbai
Just picked up my passport, got the Visa. Thank you for all your assistance during the process.
Nia V., UK visit visa - client wanted to visit the UK to invest in a business - Mumbai
Dear Mr. Hemang Laheru,
It was very nice to see you at your office in Andheri. We would like to thank you for your advice, to clarify our doubts and dealing with our matter. You dealt with all our questions in a very professional manner.
Nandan G., EEA Family Permit - Mumbai
Hi Hemang,
Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to inform that I have got my visa for UK. Thank you for your assistance in the process.
Menal S., Tier 2 – Intra Company Transfer (ICT) Dependent - Mumbai

Thank you Sir for the help and support in getting my visa!

Shashi S., UK Student visit visa – had been refused thrice before and had to visit the UK to take his professional exam. - Mumbai
Falguni, thank you so much for all the support provided in processing the application and making it successful. Prior to meeting you we had no idea what all documents would be needed. Had we gone directly to the VFS I am damn sure our application would be rejected. But after coming to Smart move2UK and the way you explained the process was superb!! Keep up the good work. You and your team rock!!
Sheldon, EEA Family Permit - Goa
We were recommended by our friends to come to you and we are very happy to have listened to the recommendation.
Kirit S., UK Family visit visa – had no history of international travel and were self-employed on a cash basis in India. - Mumbai

Dear Hemang,
Thank you so much for your advice. We have the visa just because of the perfect counselling we got from you. Attached are the visa copies for reference. Also want to thank Sana for her support. Thank you once again!!!!

Sushmita B., UK Visit visa – clients had already booked return tickets and hotel accommodation and were still refused UK visa when they approached us. - London

I am very proud to be a part of your clientele, without your efforts and service it would not be possible to get the UK visa Entry. I really appreciated of your whole staff who were supporting during the application. And again thank you so much for helping me during visa process.

Rozan, Overseas Domestic Worker – settled in UK - London

Thank you to the team at Smart Move 2UK

Mudit T., We got the visa. Thank you to the team at Smart Move 2 UK!! - Mumbai
Hi Falguni,
Thank u very much for my sons visa got succeed , I was of course having trust but was bit worried about what’s happening with my situation.
Rashmi K., UK Family visit visa – client’s mother is in the UK and has an appeal pending with the Home Office regarding her status in UK - London

Thank you to the team at Smart Move 2UK

Bhagyashree, Tier 2 General Dependent - Mumbai
Thank you to Smart Move 2 UK for all your help in getting visas for my husband and mother in law to join me to visit the UK for holiday.
Surbhi, UK Family visit visa - Mumbai
Hemang thank you for your help and support in my EEA Family permit application, you believed in my application even when the Entry Clearance Officers refused my application and advised me to file a Judicial Review which was eventually successful. As a Tier 4 student I was worried about being able to switch to EEA Family permit but you made it all possible. Many thanks again.
Ravi S., EEA Family Permit – we filed the EEA Family Permit application for the client who was refused and we filed a Judicial Review petition that was successful. - Sangli (now London)
Falguni, many thanks for your help in getting the exit visa and passport issue resolved for my daughter Shivani. When we started the surrogate visa process we were unsure of what to expect, but you coordinated with the Hospitals, visa authorities and the courts in the UK to get the issue resolved for our baby Shivani.
Ravi S., Surrogacy Visa - London

Thank you very much for the professional advice and the efficient manner of processing my application.

Anointa J., UK Visitor visa - Mumbai
Hemang thank you for your assistance in getting my visit visa. Being from the movie industry I was concerned about having the right documents, but you and your team handled the whole process very efficiently.
Binay K, UK General visit visa - Mumbai
I was worried about applying for EEA Family permit visa, however speaking to Hemang at Smart Move 2UK ensured that not only did I get good advice on how to go about the process, but also excellent support on the documentation. All this meant my visa was processed in very quick time.
Yusuf S., EEA Family Permit - Mumbai

Hemang thank you for your help and support in my EEA Family permit application, you believed in my application even when the Entry Clearance Officers refused my application and advised me to file a Judicial Review which was eventually successful. As a Tier 4 student I was worried about being able to switch to EEA Family permit but you made it all possible. Many thanks again.

Manjunath P., EEA Family Permit - Solapur
I was keen on studying in the UK but was told by everyone that I would not be eligible as I had started 2 bachelors degrees one in India and one in Australia and had not completed any of them. When I spoke to Falguni she assured me that they would do the best to help me and truly they found me a bridging course and also helped to apply for the tier 4 student visa all in very quick time.
Lyria S., Tier 4 – Student Visa - Mumbai
Thank you Hemang for simplifying the visa process and making it all so easy for me. You and your team were very prompt in answering the several queries that I had. If you are not sure about which visa to apply, speak to Smart Move 2 UK they will positively advise you in the right direction.
Harish O., General Visit visa UK – client had no previous history of travel - Mumbai

Thank you Falguni and the entire team at Smart Move 2UK for helping with my EEA family permit application.

Sheldon M., EEA Family Permit - Mumbai
Falguni appreciate all your help for filing my business visit visa application. Your advise to small business owners like me for documents is invaluable.
Irene V., Business Visit visa - Mumbai
I was very nervous about filing EEA Family permit application the form seemed very confusing and also putting in the documents evidencing our relationship was sketchy because both me and my wife worked together on cruise liners. Speaking to Hemang at Smart Move 2UK gave me a lot of confidence and removed all my doubts, I am very happy I have my visa in place and can join my wife in the UK.
Shrivighneswar M., EEA Family Permit - Mumbai
Thank you Falguni and Smart Move 2 UK for your help and support.
Kalpana S., Family Visit visa - Mumbai

Falguni at Smart Move 2 UK is very professional in her advice and the support in processing the our applications, it went off without a glitch.

Vrinda S., Tier 2 Dependent – spouse and child dependent - Mumbai

No one I spoke to had any idea on how to apply for the work permit for Bermuda, when I spoke to Falguni at Smart Move 2 UK not only was she confident but also accurate about the process and I was happy to have my application processed so easily. I would definitely recommend Smart Move 2UK to anyone seeking professional visa and migration advice.

Hiral P., Bermuda Work Permit - Mumbai
Thank you Falguni, I was very worried because my Tier 1 Entrepreneur extension application is under appeal with the UKBA so I was not sure if my son would be able to visit me in the UK. But you prepared a very good case for his visa and it was granted.
Many thanks to Hemang the team at Smart Move 2 UK for helping me with my visit visa application to see my son in the UK.
Sushma J., General Visit visa – applicant had no previous history of travel and no property owned in her name - Mumbai
I am delighted to get a positive outcome on my visa application in 5 days. Falguni was very thorough with the documents, meticulously checking all the paperwork and ensuring we had a very strong case for fiancé visa to enable me to enter the UK and get married here.
Jyoti T., Fiancé visa - Mumbai
We applied through British High Commission for client’s entry clearance application on Jersey Work Permit.
Arindam M, Jersey Work Permit - Mumbai

Having quit my job and started a new business, I had taken business loans and did not have history of holding funds in my account. But Hemang helped to present my case to High Commission by explaining the source of funds and ensuring my visa was granted. This will surely help me and my business.

Manoj S., Business visit visa - Mumbai
Thank you to Falguni and Hemang for helping me successfully apply for and obtain a Sole representative visa. The entire approach was very professional and competent. I am happy to recommend Smart Move 2 UK to anyone seeking UK visa.
Ketan S., Sole representative of overseas business visa - Mumbai
“Thank you Falguni I am off to UK to make my dream come true.”
Sanjay W., UK Visitor Visa – we successfully filed a Judicial Review for the client as his previous application for visit visa was refused. - Mumbai
“Thank you Falguni and SmartMove2UK team for all your help in ensuring that I got my visa for travel to UK.”
Zakiya G., UK Visitor Visa – client was traveling for the first time - Mumbai

“I was unsure if I could get a UK visa in 3 days, but Falguni assessed my eligibility and advised me that I could apply. Hemang and his team were very prompt in ensuring my submission happened on time and I got the outcome I wanted.”

Nilay S , Business Visit Visa – Priority Service - Mumbai

Dear Hemang,
I have received my visa today late evening. Thank you very much for your expert advice in getting all the relevant papers needed to obtain my visa. I will see you when i am back. We have to work to further my process for long time visa.

Meena B, Family Visit Visa – client was relying on sponsor's funds - Mumbai
‘Got my visa – no problems, thank you for guiding me correctly’
Rocky K, General Visit Visa – client was traveling for the first time - Mumbai
Thank you very much for your help and support. The professional legal services we have received from SmartMove2UK have been straight to the point.
Vidit P, Tier 2 Dependant visa - Mumbai
‘Got my visa – no problems, thank you for guiding me correctly’
Rocky K, General Visit Visa – client was traveling for the first time - Mumbai
Thanks a lot Falguni and the team!! I am extremely pleased with your exceptional service.
Sameera, Spouse of British National - Mumbai
Thank you very much for the details of the paperwork.
Kashif K, General Visit Visa – client was self employed - Mumbai
Falguni, I was so relieve that I got my visa for the UK, I was not sure as there were court proceedings in India and everyone had told me that I couldn’t get a visa. Thank you very much for ensuring that I can join my husband in the UK. Your drive and enthusiasm for the job was most impressive.
(name withheld), Tier 2 Dependent Visa – client had court proceedings pending in India - Mumbai
Hemang thank you for your help with the paperwork and in ensuring my previous refusal did not impact my application.
Sanjay V, General Visit visa – client's application was refused and then granted under Judicial review filed by us - Mumbai

Thank you for your help.

Saleem S, General Visit visa – client did not own any assets in India - Mumbai
I wanted to ensure that my daughter’s case was processed smoothly and I was delighted with the service we received also happy with the outcome.
Resham P, Student Visit visa – client is a student and no previous travel history and parents had taken a loan to fund the trip - Mumbai
Many thanks to Falguni and the Smartmove2UK team
Kusum W , Family Visit visa – client is senior citizen - Mumbai
Thank you!
Madurai R, General Visit visa – mother and daughter – Mumbai
Hemang, thanks to you and the entire team the whole process went off without a glitch, its good we consulted you and ensured that the paperwork was complete rather than rushing in to it.
Deepak, Unmarried Partner Visa of Settled person in UK - Mumbai
Hi Falguni,
It was such a delight receiving the news of our visa granting.
I must show my heart felt gratitude and especially to you for your wonderful contribution.
You put hard work to make this process simpler. We were very nervous at first, let alone dealing with all paper work for UK visa process. You and your team took all the pain and made it positive.
The team was friendly from talking on the phone to detail email responses and you were very patient and polite.
My family and I cannot describe how happy we are receiving our visas and will always remember this.
We are eternally grateful and appreciate you.
Rajnish Raj
Rajnish Raj, UK Visitor Visa for Family - Mumbai
My Mother in Law got her UK Visit Visa.
Thank you Hemang and the team at Smartmove2UK for helping my in-laws to get their UK Visit Visas. All they had to do was to go and submit the application. I am very happy with the outcome.
Trilok Singh, General Visit Visa - London
I had never travelled before and did not have Income Tax Return.
I wasn’t sure if I could get a UK Visit visa, everyone I met said I wouldn’t because I was young, single and did not have any regular source of income. However Mr.Hemang helped through with the relevant paperwork from my family and my application was successful.
Paritosh, UK Visitor Visa - Mumbai
My family has joined me in UK
‘Thank you SmartMove2UK Team’
Kavita and Anish, Tier 1 Dependent - London
“Falguni, It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for being there personally and professionally for me!! Your hard work and excellent representation has helped me sail through smoothly .I am hoping for the same assistance during my extension process. I appreciate and thank you for all your effort.”
Sabina Sharangdhar, Spouse Visa of Settled person in UK - Mumbai
Client had previously been refused visitor visa due to lack of clarity on funds.
“I am really happy that my visa has been approved and I can go see my grandchildren in the UK”
Surayya A., UK General Visitor visa - Mumbai
“Dear Hemang & Falguni, Thanking you very much for your help and guidance in applying my settlement visa. Without your advice this would not have been easy for getting my visa. Please find attached visa copy for your reference.”
Heena K., Spouse Visa of Settled person in UK - Mumbai
First of all sorry for the delay, finally today I got my internet sorted. Thank you so very much for your guidance and help for my tire 2 visa. I found the service very professional, and everyone was very polite, all throughout. I also highly appreciate your honest and precise advice, regarding my case. I would also recommend Hemang & his company, to people seeking professional help after a visa rejection. Finally I would happily conclude that I was very happy dealing with you. Many thanks to you and your team.”
Dr. Singh, Tier 2 General, client had a Tier 2 Visa refusal - Pune (now in UK)
“My husband from UK contacted Mr. Hemang at Smart Move 2UK in India and I visited their offices in Andheri, I was really happy with the level of support and also all the assistance in preparing for my interview with the British Deputy High Commission”
Sweedal G., UK General Visitor visa - Mumbai
“I was really happy with the services of SmartMove2UK, they handled the entire process including taking appointments for me and made the whole process very simple for a senior citizen like me.”
Haresh L., UK General Visitor visa - Mumbai
“Thank you for your help and support”
Pooja W , Australia Skills Assessment - Mumbai
“Thank you so very much for your guidance and help for my Tier 2 visa. I found the service very professional, and and every very very polite, all through out.
I also highly appreciate your honest and precise advice, regarding my case. I would also recommend Hemang & his company, to people seeking professional help after a visa rejection. Finally I would happily conclude that I was very happy dealing with you many thanks to you and your team.”
Dr Shailesh, Tier 2 General - Pune
“Thank you for your help and support”
Rima S , Spouse Visa of Settled person in UK - Mumbai
Client visited us after her visitor visa was refused 3 times.
“Many thanks to you for putting your efforts in getting a successful outcome for me and my sister. I was skeptical as I had been refused 3 times already.”
Amandeep, UK Visitor Visa - Mumbai
“Got my Tier 1 General extension done, no complaints.”
Nagesh K, Tier 1 General Extension - Scotland
“The entire process was done in a week”
Kavita Bhatia , Australia Family Visit Visa - Mumbai
Client had no history of travel to any other country.
“Thank you”
Mayur G, UK General Visitor Visa - Mumbai
“The whole process was handled very professionally”
Riddhima, UK Family Visitor Visa - Mumbai
“Many thanks for your support”
We are pleased to confirm that both our employees have got their business visas for 6 months and multiple entry.
Many thanks for your support.
Dhirendra Jawaharani - Data Vectors Pvt. Ltd., Director , Business Visitor Visa - United Kingdom

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