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Short trip to the UK on UK Visitor Visa in Covid-19 time

Who thought beyond impossibility – there stands a slightest of chance of a possibility. Back in January 2020 Shreya was elated after celebrating her big day in India and to continue her celebrations she decides to accompany her husband (British National) for a short trip to the UK in February 2020 to spend some more time and return to India soon for her UK Spouse visa application. Little did she know the trip wouldn’t be a short one. Just when she was closer to her departure from the UK, there comes the real scare of COVID-19 resulting into international travel ban and local restrictions in the UK and India. The scare of one’s own health at the least. The govt. guidelines were still ambiguous and uncertain and not so forthcoming.

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COVID-19 hits everybody across the Globe

The pandemic had hit every roof possible all across the world. A time where a father couldn’t be present for his child’s birth, or a groom had to cancel the wedding due to travel ban or a family member couldn’t attend last rites at the funeral, a student couldn’t attend college of their dreams or a job which could change one’s life forever.

The chaos was on rise even during the interpretation of temporary immigration rules and policies, the uncertainty and vagueness of the Immigration rules applicable for each person. The daunting days started when the appointment centres were shut, the appointments being cancelled with no hope for a further date and no end to the relentless COVID helpline calls.

UK Visitor Visa is due to expire in Covid-19 lockdown

In such distressed times when Shreya’s visitor visa was now out of date and had exhausted her stay in the UK beyond 4 months, the apprehensions around returning to India in these time was just not a plan B, needless to say the willingness to stay back with her spouse was her only desire and needed just one way out to make that happen without affecting her immigration history.

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The SmartMove2UK’s Smart Advise: UK Visitor Visa switching to UK Spouse Visa within UK

WE held our spirits, efforts and confidence high and advised to proceed with a switch to a UK spouse visa along with the relevant exemptions in place and were successful in assisting her via the newly launched IDV app.

The questions from her were countless, hiccups in the application were several from the correct visa form to the correct fee, requirements were not relaxed but still stringent, anxiety was on a rise, overwhelming tedious process but WE had a solution and the commitment!

The application required much more attention to detail to ensure all immigration rules were complied with along with cumbersome documentation in the right specific order.

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Successful UK Visa Applications & The SmartMove2UK

We at SmartMove Immigration believe that there indeed is light at the end of the tunnel and we are right here to guide you through at each step at each hurdle till you make it till the end and would be happy to assist you or your family members for any queries related to your UK Spouse visa applications.

Reach out to us if you are seeking legal help from expert UK Visa consultants in relation to your UK Visa application and want to know more about UK Visit Visa / UK Tourist Visa or UK Spouse Visa application.

Our expert UK Visa and UK Immigration Consultants are based in Mumbai | Delhi | Gurgaon | Chandigarh | Bangalore and London.

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Spouse sponsor indefinite visa having expaparity on 2030 and returning UK after two years can he travelled to UK

- General Question
If you have been away from the UK for more than 2 years, then you need to apply for a Returning Resident Visa. You can call the experts to know more about the visa.


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