Sparkle & Sell!

Launch Your Fast Fashion Jewellery Biz in the UK as a Foreigner.

Turn Your Passion into Profit!

Open a fast fashion jewellery business in the UK.

Design & Research

Craft unique yet trendy designs, research competitor trends & identify your target audience.

Visa Options

Explore the Innovator Visa (entrepreneurs), Skilled Worker Visa (hiring staff), or Expansion Worker Visa (existing businesses). Seek legal guidance for up-to-date information.

Business Basics

Register your company, obtain relevant licenses (check with local authorities for specifics), and open a UK bank account.

Source Your Suppliers

Find reliable manufacturers or wholesalers who can create your designs at competitive rates. Consider ethical sourcing practices.

Master Online Sales

Create a stunning website showcasing your jewellery,  use high-quality photos, and leverage social media marketing.

Packaging Matters

Design attractive packaging that reflects your brand identity and protects your products during shipping.

Launch and celebrate!

Spread the word with a launch campaign and consider offering discounts or promotions to attract customers.

Sparkle Your Way to Success!

We assist foreign entrepreneurs to Set Up a Fast Fashion Jewellery Business in the UK

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