On the 23rd of June, United Kingdom held a Referendum, “in or out EU Referendum”.  48% of people were against Brexit that is the Britain Exit, while some were with it. Now it is the apt timing to expect what happens after Brexit?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged an extra £2.1billion to prepare for leaving the EU without a deal.

The extra £2.1 billion will fund preparations including:

  • Infrastructure around ports
  • Public communications to help people and businesses
  • Managing traffic disruption in Kent
  • 500 extra border force officers

The Prime Minister has also set up three new cabinet committees, which will meet more frequently than the committees that were there before. Professional advice from the top UK immigration consultants in India will assist in gauging the current scenario in a better way.

The government has already made arrangements for Healthcare, transport and food, that would be required during Brexit. The Government does not possess any primitive preparatory plans for Irish Border controls. What happens after Brexit can be understood in a magnificent outlook through analysis of the Pros and Cons.

The Pros of Brexit are as follows:

  • There is no coherent plan but the country is planning to establish a soft Brexit delay over a hard Brexit which would help Britain remain in the single market without losing its well-established trade and financial market.
  • With the European free immigration law, around 500 people get added to the UK’s population every day. Fearing this surge of immigration, the only way to control the flow of people in and around Britain, cutting itself from the EU is the only way to save the UK’s sovereignty. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had explained about the Brexit impact on India 2019 in his previous verdicts.
  • Looking at the geography, the United Kingdom was never really treated a part of Europe and was always counted as a marginal member with partial involvement in the European Union reforms.  Brexit would help Britain gain a feeling of ownership over its own country which was somewhat hampered amidst the EU arrangement.
  • Brexit, if seen optimistically can strengthen the Europian Union as now the Europian countries are free to make their immigration laws, welfare practices and address the long-disputed issue of having a common euro currency building a much stronger institution even without Britain being a part of it.

The cons of Brexit are as follows:

  • With 3 million EU citizens living in Britain and 1.2 million Britain citizens living in EU, it would be a hard time for these people who are completely uncertain of their bright clear future and resorting to praying for Brexit to end.
  • After being with EU for 14 long years, Brexit would put Britain at a loss of 100 million Euros for bailing out of it. Apart from this, Britain products would carry high priced tariff rates putting UK farmers at a very compromising position.
  • This would set up a bad example for the rest of the EU with countries like Greece which has already threatened EU leaders of pulling out. On the other hand, Northern Ireland and Scotland are advocating for leaving Britain and want to continue being part of EU amendments.

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