The need to prove a subsisting relationship has made the UK Spouse Visa one of the most difficult visa routes through which one can visit the UK, with an application for a UK Spouse Visa refused almost every day. Other guidelines laid down such as insufficient financial requirement i.e. minimum combined annual income of £ 18600 with additional income of £3,800 for the first child and thereafter £2,400 for each child after the first child and documentation to showcase the genuineness of the applicants who wish to apply through this route.

After adhering to these requirements and entering the UK, there is always a subsequent risk of being refused to leave to remain due to reasons such as the validity of the marriage or inability to further develop English language understanding or any other justifiable reason that the UK government may seem fit to evict the applicants out of UK.

In such circumstances, it is advisable to appeal in the First Tribunal Immigration & Asylum Chamber or a fresh application as per the circumstances of the case so as to what would prove more beneficial to the applicant. If an application for First Tribunal Immigration & Asylum Chamber is advised, it has to be filed within 14 days post the rejection letter which has been sent out if the applicant is in the UK. If he is not in the UK at the time of rejection letter being issued, the applicant is given a period of 28 days to appeal for the said case.

The cost for appealing to the court orally, costs £140 while applying to the judge to read directly, it costs £80

If the application is still rejected after applying to the First Tribunal Immigration & Asylum Chamber, there is another opportunity presented by re-appealing to the Upper Tribunal in dire circumstances.

Though the whole litigation process is a gritty affair, SmartMove2UK with it’s almost a decade experience has been handling UK immigration cases since the inception of its firm, refusal related to UK Spousal Visa being one of the most frequently dealt cases in our referendum.

If you or someone you know has had their UK Spouse Visa refused, fill out the form with your enquiry and one of our legal immigration experts will be in touch with you shortly. Our attorneys work out of offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh, and London, however, our associates are trained to handle cases from anywhere in the world telephonically, or through Skype.

The article above talks specifically about Spouse Visa refusals. There are subtle differences in the approach one must take with respect to facing refusal from different categories of UK Visas. The SmartMove2UK blog provides regular updates on the various nuances affecting the refusals and appeals procedures of different UK Immigration processes. Our latest on the same: What to do if your UK Visit Visa is refused.

Think UK Visa Appeals, Think The SmartMove2UK.


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