In order to have the best chance for your visa application to be successful, it is better to apply through a certified immigration law firm. Along with a flawless application form it is very important to have a full representation in support of your visa application form. At The Smart Move 2 UK our immigration experts are aware of the documents required according to your case and importance of filing complete and flawless visa applications.

Sometimes it may happen that your application is flawless but the documents may not be arranged as per the standard requirement. Our immigration experts will make sure the essential documents are arranged according to the standard protocol.

The full representation service consists of complete list of documents as per Home Office requirements. The contents of the documents are then reviewed by the immigration solicitors to make sure if they meet the Home Office requirements.

Along with the complete application form and the necessary documents, it also very important to provide the relevant letters with the respective documents, our immigration experts will discuss the same with you and make you aware of the required letters and will provide the templates for the same.

After collecting all the relevant documents and completing with the application form, our immigration experts will ensure that the application pack is arranged according to the standard protocol before handing it over to the client or submitting the same to the Home Office.

If there is a need for an interview in support of your application, our immigration experts will guide you through the same by preparing you for the interview.

The service doesn’t end here, after submitting the application pack to the home Office, our immigration experts will follow up with the Home Office and keep the clients informed with the respective status updates of their application and will also respond to any queries and keep the client posted if any necessary documents are requested by the Home Office regarding the application via email.

All the communication and the documents shared are kept highly confidential. All the information pertaining to your file is retained on records and archived as per the Data Protection regulations. In order to maintain the transparency with the client all the communications are directly with the client and are always in writing.

As you can see, it’s not enough to have all the requirements, but it’s also important that you file your application the right way. And no one knows the “right way” better than certified immigration law firms with immigration experts. The Smart Move 2 UK is one such immigration law firm whose expertise have helped hundreds of clients successfully apply for their UK visas and other immigration processes. Visit our website or give us a call to book an initial consultation with one of our experts today.

Think UK Visas, Think The Smart Move 2 UK.

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