Friday, the 6th of July was an evening of enlightenment for investors and entrepreneurs alike in the fintech industry. Director of The SmartMove2UK (a division of SmartMove Immigration) Mr. Hemang Laaheru provided an overview of the growth of the fintech industry in the UK and provided insights on how entrepreneurs and companies could set up and expand their fintech business in UK, Malta, USA and Canada.

But what is ‘fintech’ exactly?

Have you ever transferred money to someone online? Or paid for food through your phone? You have inadvertently already been integrated into a multi-billion dollar industry that goes by the term Fintech – short for financial technology.

The distinction of this sector is that by its very nature, Fintech is an industry for innovation. Since the financial crises of the last few decades across the world, many technological startups are sprouting up to take advantage of a growing gap between the people and their banks.

Companies like Paytm are great examples of Fintech Startups, but the number of thriving businesses in the Fintech Sector crossed 10,000 by the end of 2018 and the numbers are only rising. The investments going into startup ideas in the Fintech Sector have seen a sharp rise in 2019, with noticeable investments in the UK. This makes sense, London being the single largest financial hub of the world.

And it was to highlight this illuminating fact for tech entrepreneurs in Mumbai that the Director of Operations at SmartMove Immigration Mr. Hemang Laaheru provided a talk on the Fintech sector in the United Kingdom, and what it could mean for business immigration opportunities.

The talk was conducted in an apt venue for the topic, the best incubation space for Fintech companies in India, Rise Mumbai. The event was attended by investors, entrepreneurs and fintech professioals, and provided an understanding of the Fintech Sector in the UK and how it might just be the right place for tech entrepreneurs to launch their dream projects in UK, USA, Malta and Canada.

Fintech Business expansion study by Hemang Laaheru

Mr. Laaheru then went on to provide an overview on the legal immigration routes available for starting a business in various countries, including the UK. The talk provided much needed clarity on obtaining visas for migrant entrepreneurs in the UK.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur yourself, looking to integrate the UK’s thriving financial sector into a successful fintech startup, the UK Innovator Visa or the UK Start Up visa might be right path for you. For more information on the same, email

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