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Personal Review

A Personal Review with our qualified and experienced UK Immigration Consultant in India – Mumbai | Delhi | Bangalore | Chandigarh | Gurgaon | Vadodara includes a detailed assessment of your profile in accordance with current immigration laws.

The Personal Review helps you avoid unnecessary expenses, such as visa application fees, until you are certain your application has the best possible chance of success.

A personal review is your opportunity to discuss your profile in detail, seek advice on improving your chances of success, and ask any questions regarding your application that may be of concern. You can be assured of an in-depth response, advice on how to proceed, and ways that you can better your chances of a successful Visa application.
For a one time, paid consultation, our immigration experts will collect, examine and assess all the necessary information necessary for your application, and advise you of any factors that may increase the prospect of a successful application.

Key features of a Personal review:

  • Assessment of your eligibility application to ascertain if you meet the requirements to make a UK visa application that will allow you to live and work in the UK.
  • Drafting a list of document relevant in your case to make a valid application
  • Discussing the entire procedure for relevant UK Visa for you.
  • Estimation of costs that will be involved in the process including the Government fees and our professional fees.
  • Estimation of time that will be involved in the process.
  • Option to avail the consultation
      • In-person – at our office premises in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru
      • On Telephone
      • Over Skype
      • WhatsApp/Viber Calling

  • A written summary of the advice given at the consultation.

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Full Representation Service

At The SmartMove2UK (a division of SmartMove immigration) our UK Immigration experts understand the importance of filing complete and correct UK visa applications. Our full representation service for any UK visa category ensures that the UK Visa application has the best chance for success. The quality of our service is self-evident from the reviews of our clients about the service provided by our immigration experts.

As part of our full representation service:

  • Our UK Immigration experts will advise you on the complete list of documents as per Home Office requirements
  • Our UK Immigration solicitors will review the contents of the documents submitted to ensure that they meet with the Home Office requirements
  • Our UK immigration solicitors will complete the relevant application forms and annexures and discuss the information being submitted, ensuring that you are kept in the loop always about the information being entered on your behalf.
  • Our UK immigration experts will prepare the complete application pack for submission to the Home Office
  • Our UK immigration experts will follow up with the Home Office (where possible) once the application is submitted and respond to any requests for information from the Caseworkers
  • Our UK immigration experts will provide support on an interview if required for your visa application

All information communicated to our UK Immigration experts in the processing of your UK visa application is kept completely confidential; all information pertaining to your file is retained on records and archived as per the Data Protection regulations. All of our communication is direct with the clients and always in writing to ensure that there is complete transparency in the advice that is provided and the information that is being communicated to the Home Office on the client’s behalf.

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At The SmartMove2UK

Our UK Immigration experts have the expertise to process applications for clients from around the world. In 2016 we crossed a milestone where almost 2/3rd of our applications were managed remotely. Applications for a Spouse visa, Tier 4 student visas, Dependent visas, and Visit visas were successfully processed for clients in India, USA, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Japan, and the UK.

UK Immigration Solicitor Falguni Y Parekh on BBC India Business Report

UK Immigration Solicitor Falguni Y Parekh of The SmartMove2UK (a division of SmartMove Immigration) speaks to Yogita Limaye of BBC’s India Business Report program on the impact of limitations that post-study work options in the UK are having on students deciding to study abroad.

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Valuable Resources

UK Visas and Immigration guidance on what immigration assessing officers consider when they refuse entry or leave to remain in the UK on general grounds: Click here.

*The link will be directed to the GOV UK site.