The SmartMove2UK has been providing professional immigration related legal services since 2009. Voted ‘Corporate Immigration Law firm – India’ in 2016, we can safely claim to be the pioneers of exclusive immigration law practice in India.

Our clients range from individuals to conglomerates and our legal expertise equips us with the skills to tackle the most complex of immigration situations plaguing our clients. Our Facebook and Google ratings are evidence enough for the success stories that we have been a part of for the last 11 years of our practice.

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This being said, we take extreme pride in the fact that we are equipped to provide end to end digital services to our clients! Our immigration practice is truly not limited by geographical boundaries.

We have successfully serviced over 600+ clients from across 20 countries, in 2020! We have serviced clients from USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Zambia and various other countries. We are adept at digitally executing not just entry clearance applications but also Leave to Remain applications within the UK and since March 2020, helped our clients avail the specific Covid-19 provisions laid out by the Home Office. All of this done virtually!

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