UK Global Business Mobility routes

The Home Office UK had done some significant changes to the UK immigration rules for entrepreneurs and professionals, seeking opportunities to start their business/career in the UK.

One very popular business immigration route in the UK was the ‘Representative of an Overseas Business visa’ (also called as UK Sole Representative visa) which was unfortunately closed down from 11th April, 2022, for new applicants.

Instead, the Home Office launched a few new visas, amended some existing ones, and introduced a special category ‘Global Business Mobility’ which has 5 visas under it, that cater to business owners in the UK, overseas firms, and skilled professionals. These visas came into effect from 11th April, 2022.

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Appendix UK Global Business Mobility routes came into effect on 11th April 2022. The UK Global Business Mobility routes simplify the offering for businesses by reforming or expanding the existing routes. The Home Office has introduced new UK immigration rules.

The 5 new visas under the UK Global Business Mobility routes are