There are a number of ways to become eligible for UK citizenship. It can be either by:

Birth, naturalization (immigrating to the UK and applying), descent, and registration.

  • The applicant can apply for their first British passport at any time – the applicant does not need to do it before they reach a certain age.

British citizenship can only be inherited through a parent by the first generation born outside the UK in almost all circumstances. Different rules apply to children born in British colonies and territories.

The UK recognizes dual citizenship. This means that any other citizenship you have will not conflict with your claim to British citizenship.

However, if the applicant claims British citizenship, he/she needs to make sure they do not conflict with their original citizenship as nationals from certain countries, such as Germany, automatically lose their original citizenship if they naturalize or claim another citizenship (under most circumstances).

1. How to apply online for a British passport for a child?

To apply online for a British passport for a child, the following things are required:

  • A digital photograph of the child.
  • Supporting documents
  • A credit or a debit card

It costs £49, to get a British passport for a child. Further, it takes around 3 weeks to process the same.

Once the parent has paid and submitted the application for their child’s British passport, they’ll need to ask someone to confirm their child’s identity.

That person will receive an email from HM Passport Office telling them to confirm the child’s identity online.

2. The parents can apply for the child’s British passport by post by either:

  • Getting a paper form from a Post Office that holds the Passport Check and sends service.
  • Contacting the Passport Adviceline to get a form posted for them.

The parents can fill in Sections 1,2,3,4,5 and 9 of the form and the child be required to sign section 6 if they are 12 or over. A ‘counter signatory’ is required to fill in section 10 and certify the child’s photo.

3. The application can be sent either:

  • Through post
  • Or can be taken to the Post Office

Someone with parental responsibilities should sign the form. If the child is between 12-15 years of age, they need to sign the form too.

Original documents are required in order to get a British Passport. Photocopies or even certified copies would not suffice for the same. Laminated documents would also not be used.

The documents are sent back through normal post, but the applicant can pay £5 extra to get them sent by secure delivery.

The child’s new passport will be sent through courier or Royal Mail.

They’ll either:

  • Post it through the letterbox
  • Hand it over to the applicant
  • Leave a card or post saying how the applicant can get it.

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