With the fifth-largest economy and the fourth-largest stock exchange in the world, the UK has established itself as the financial hub for foreign investments and businesses.

However, the overall socio-economic scenario in the UK is set to change significantly, owing to the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU), popularly known as Brexit. But being the home to headquarters of many multinational companies, the United Kingdom still boasts a thriving economy, stable financial market, and political stability.

Why Invest in the UK?

Despite Brexit, the United Kingdom’s economy and financial markets have maintained a considerably resilient shape. In fact, the post-Brexit UK has accentuated opportunities for international investments.

A few pressing factors that make the UK a hotspot for foreign investments are as follows:

  • A collection of venture capital schemes have been introduced by the UK government that provide substantial tax concessions for investors. Also, the Capital Gains Tax has lower percentage rates to encourage entrepreneurship.
    Further, the UK has a reputation for imposing one of the lowest corporation taxes (19%) in the entirety of all G20 countries. Apart from the modest corporate taxes, the UK also offers low business costs and high incentives. The flexibility and transparency of governance and laws contribute to the ease of doing business in the country.
  • With the well-established and integrated economy of the United Kingdom, combined with its global diplomatic influence, international investors can look forward to extensive growth in productivity.
  • With four out of the top 10 European universities, the United Kingdom attracts global talents. Besides, national policies favoring research and innovation yield brilliant learners. These adept students transition into a highly skilled and proficient workforce.
  • As the volatility caused by Brexit subsides, investments in distressed assets will prove to be extremely profitable. Major prospects for investors have been generated by growing dislocations in capital markets and tightening credit requirements.
    Restructurings inherent value by virtue, and thus, distressed assets such as real-estate become valuable once the uncertainty decreases or markets recover.
  • Invest in the UK for its blue-chip stocks. From GlaxoSmithKline to Rio, the UK is home to several large blue-chip companies and thus, makes investment less risky than in any other financial market.
  • The UK possesses a stable and robust regulatory and legal setting that offers a secure, business-friendly infrastructure for seamless expansion, trade, and investments.
    The consultative approach for regulation formulations roots for an advantageous business environment in the United Kingdom.

A sink in the financial market and a blow to the UK economy was expected following the referendum. But to date, the situation is smooth and favorable for investments in the UK.

How to Invest in the UK?

Trading and establishing a business are two distinct ways of investment in the UK as a foreigner. If you wish to invest in the UK by establishing a business, then The SmartMove2UK has the appropriate guide for you. Our article- 2020 Guide to start a business in the UK will offer you a detailed look at how you can start a business in the United Kingdom. The UK government offers lucrative prospects for setting up businesses in the UK.

Moreover, the easiest route to invest in the United Kingdom trade is through the EFTs or ADRs. Exchange-traded Fund or EFT is a singular package that offers low costs and sometimes even holds hundreds of bonds and shares. You can trade them like stocks.

The American Depository Receipts are the best choice available for any international investor. As ADRs mimic International stocks, you can buy or sell without just like regular shares, but with foreign trading capabilities. Also, you can directly invest in the London Stock Exchange, if you can manage to open a foreign brokerage account.

So, whether you decide to invest in the LSE, EFTs, or set up your business in the UK, your move to make investments in the UK requires you to get a visa to the United Kingdom.

Which UK visa to apply?

Visa application and deciding the perfect visa route to suit your specifications can be a daunting task. Whatever your UK visa needs are, The SmartMove2UK visa experts will provide you with professional counsel for a fruitful association.

You can apply for UK Tier 1 (Investor) visa if trade investments are your focus. Also, the UK government has introduced UK Startup visas and the UK Innovator visas in the year 2019, which promote entrepreneurial activities by foreign nationals. Businesses can continue to test the waters in UK through the Sole Representative visa or applying for Tier 2 sponsor license to bring in skilled workers to the UK. As diversified visa routes are available for applying for the UK visa, you will require professional help to sort the issue for you.

UK visa specialists, The SmartMove2UK, will help you select the right visa type, guide you through the application process, and direct you through the rest of the procedure. So, you can rest assured, focus on planning your investment journey in the UK.

In a nutshell

Plenty of massive investment opportunities are open for international investors with the post-Brexit investment prospects, flexibility of the economy, rapid growth, robust regulations, tax reliefs, and an increase in the number of distressed assets.

In such instances, the UK market is suitable for making valuable investments in terms of trade, entrepreneurial activities, and business. So, consult The SmartMove2UK today. Our team of experienced and professional UK Immigration experts will guide you to get the right visa for your purpose, and you can get moving with your UK investment plans.


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