Welcome to The SmartMove2UK’s latest guide to the financial documents required for your UK Spouse Visa application. We are going to present this guidance article as a UK Spouse Visa document checklist for you to follow in order to ensure that you can adequately prove that you meet the financial requirement for the UK Spouse visa application eligibility criteria.

Before we get started on the UK Spouse visa document checklist for meeting the income requirement, it is important to present the disclaimer: Any of the advice that you find in this article does not constitute as legal advice. This is just a guide. In order to ensure that your application chances to succeed are maximized, be sure to book an appointment with one of our consultants at The SmartMove2UK (a unit of Smart Move Immigration).

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Our expert Immigration advisors believe that it’s crucial to provide any prospects for the UK spouse visa application with a brief overview of the requirements they would have to meet, and have hence shared this information out of their extensive experiences as UK legal immigration advisors.

Now let’s get to it.

The financial documents must be of the sponsor’s financial income. If the applicant is working in their country, the Home Office is not really interested to know what they are earning. They just want to know that the sponsor can support the applicant once they are in the UK.

The financial requirement at the moment is 18,600 GBP per annum. The income requirements would increase if there is any additional child.

UK Spouse Visa document checklist for meeting the Income Requirement – 2020:

  1. Relationship Documents
  2. Sponsor’s Employment Letter
  3. Sponsor’s Employment Contract
  4. P60 (End of year tax certificate issued in the UK and Ireland)
  5. 6 x Sponsor’s Monthly Wage Slips
  6. 6 x Sponsor’s Monthly Bank Statements
  7. Accommodation Documents
  8. Additional savings held in regulated financial institution

For an overview of everything you would require for the Spouse visa application, have a glance at the illustration below:

Spouse visa application illustration

Smart Assistance for Smart Immigration:

As mentioned in the infographic above, you may still be eligible to apply for a UK Spouse visa, even if you are missing any of the above documents, if you have a proficient immigration attorney by your side. And that’s exactly what The SmartMove2UK is here to help you with.

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