Tier 2 A rated sponsors would benefit from a new Priority Change of Circumstance Service introduced by UK Immigration. Launched in 7 November, 2016, the service enables Tier 2 sponsor companies to submit an application for four types of change of circumstance requests for faster consideration, including:

  • In year, Unrestricted Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) allocation.
  • Follow on Unrestricted CoS allocation.
  • Add new Level 1 user.
  • Replace an authorising officer (AO).

The priority processing is not available for Tier 2 ‘restricted’ certificates of sponsorship.

Successful change of circumstance requests will be considered after five working days under the new service. The Home Office has clarified that this will be from the time that the Home Office receives the submission sheet (if a company is required to send one with the relevant evidence).
To start with the fee for the new service is set at £200 per request, with a a daily limit of 20 requests accepted between the hours of 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Complex requests or those requiring additional checks are subject to delays beyond the initial five day consideration period. Companies may be entitled to a refund where consideration is delayed for ‘other reasons’ such as technical difficulties at UKVI.

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