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Your Guide to the Points-Based UK Work Visa 2023

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The United Kingdom is one of the best places to work. Nearly 200,000 people received a UK work visa in 2019. That’s up 11 percent from the previous year.
The number is likely to go up with the introduction of the new points based system. You can apply online for entry clearance and get a response back within a month.
There are different kinds of work visas depending on the eligibility. This includes temporary work visas and long term work visas.
Get the facts you need so you can work in the UK. Here is your quick guide.

The Basics of the UK Work Visa

The United Kingdom has a few different kinds of work visas. There are some general rules that apply to all of them, but each does have distinctions.

A work visa is required for any person who intends to work long-term inside the UK. People coming into the country for short periods can get a visit visa to participate in a few work-related activities. These include attending company conferences, trainings and installations.

Doing any kind of long-term work requires a work visa. It does not matter how much of an economic impact that work contributes. You must get a UK visa in order to remain employed.

Employers must have a sponsor license. This allows them to hire eligible employees who are from outside the United Kingdom.

You will not be able to receive a work visa if a non-licensed company hires you. Do your research and make sure they have a legitimate license. The good news is that your employer can apply to register on the Home Office Sponsor Licence register if they are not already on the register.

Post Brexit, non-EU and EU citizens are on the same level as free movement is no longer possible. EU citizens must apply for a work visa in order to work inside the UK.

The most common kind of visa is the skilled worker visa. It applies to workers who offer advanced skills and/or pursue a high-paying job. Intra company transfer is another route that allows employers to transfer employees from overseas entities to the UK.

Global Talent visas apply to applicants with exceptional talent.. They are required to obtain endorsements from the respective endorsing body and can subsequently apply to the Home Office for entry clearance to the UK. Temporary visas also include Creative and Sporting visas are for creative professionals and athletes, and they cover a short term.

The Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Tier 1 Graduate entrepreneur visa routes were replaced with Innovator and Start up visa respectively..

What Is a Points-Based Visa?

The points-based visa is a new system within the United Kingdom. The government introduced it in response to Brexit, in order to place all potential migrants on the same level.

The system applies only to skilled workers. People applying for other visas do not need points.

A skilled worker must score at least 70 points in order to enter the United Kingdom. Of which 50 points are mandatory. There are three criteria that they must meet.

Applicants are awarded 20 points for a job offer from an approved sponsor.

Further 20 points are awarded if their job is at an appropriate skill level.

All jobs must exceed Regulated Qualifications Framework level 3. This is graduating with an A-level or the equivalent thereof (i.e. graduating with a high school diploma). Visa offers are not limited based on the job sector or industry.

The applicant must also have proficiency in the English language. This requirement constitutes 10 points.
Some countries with a majority English-speaking population (e.g. USA) are not subject to this requirement.

A few other factors can determine the remaining points. An applicant with a Ph.D. in a subject relevant to their job receives 10 points. If they have a Ph.D. in a relevant STEM subject, they receive 20 points.

If the job offers a salary of £ 25,600 p.a. or more, the applicant receives 20 points. A job with a salary between £ 23,040 and £ 25,599 is worth 10 points.

An applicant whose job is in a shortage occupation receives 20 points. Shortage occupations constitute a range of job sectors, including healthcare and education.

Does university sponsor for Work Permit visa for Professor in UK?

- General Question
Yes, University do sponsor Professors for Work Permit. This happens when the University needs the professor and could not find anyone in the UK. The University then can invite/sponsor a professor overseas.

How to Receive a Work Visa

Make sure you have a certificate of sponsorship from your employer.

Apply for a work visa as soon as possible. You will receive a decision within three weeks after applying online. You can apply for up to 3 months before your work start date in UK.

There are several costs associated with a visa. You must pay an application fee, and you must pay a healthcare surcharge. This is about £ 624 for every year you will be in the UK.

You must also show that you can support yourself. You must have at least £ 1,270 available to support yourself, alternately your employer can certify maintenance.

Once you receive your visa, you can begin making preparations for your move to the UK. You can start working on the first day of your entry to the UK. If you delay, you may run into problems.

While on a work visa, you cannot apply for benefits (also known as public funds). If you change jobs, you must submit an update to your visa. Your old visa is specific to your earlier employer.

Your work visa lasts five years. You may be eligible to apply for permanent settlement if you meet the requirements.

Like the first time you applied, renew your visa as soon as possible. Waiting until the last minute may result in problems if your your application is denied.

How a person above 55 can get work visa under Tier 5 in UK?

- Question asked in a forum
The Tier 5 visa does not have any age bar, if you are meeting with the qualifying criteria.

Get to Work in the UK

The UK work visa is changing. To ensure that talented workers from all countries enter the UK, the Home Office has introduced a point system.

Workers must have a job offer from an approved sponsor. Their job must be at an appropriate skill level, and they must be able to understand English. Their job must also pay at appropriate rate.

Fill out your application online.

Turn to someone who can advise you on the right option and expedite your application process. The SmartMove2UK is professional immigration law firm for UK immigration services. Contact us today.

Got appointment letter for a job in UK can an Indian obtain work visa from Embassy without IELTS

- Question asked in a forum
For Skilled Worker Visa, an applicant is required to meet the English Language Requirement by either giving IELTS Test or by applying through UK ENIC.

I am on Tier 2 visa in UK I want to call my husband from India I just want to know how much maintenance fund I need to show

- Question asked in a forum
Currently, your spouse would be required to show at least £285 for maintenance. You can also visit for requirements or seek Immigration Consultants advice.


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