Planning is the key to success. Planning bridges the gap between where the organization currently find itself and where it wishes to be. Often the businesses do get caught up in between because of involvement of various financial planning and the aim to meet with their end goal objectives. Even when every business which enters a new market to test the waters it should ensure they are meeting and complying with the requirements applicable to their business.

The Sole representative who enters the UK for the purpose of company expansion can further extend their stay to 2 more years even after the initial 3 years visa previously granted. It is essential to start planning for the extension, as this will ensure that the time and effort is not wasted.

Strategic planning cycle

It is essential for the businesses and the UK sole representative to meet the requirements for extension including:

  • Continue to have the overseas business headquartered and have principal place of business outside the UK.
  • The main applicant continues as a senior employee with full authority to take operational decisions.
  • The main applicant is able to establish that the branch or subsidiary in the same type of activity as the parent company.
  • Does not intend to take employment in the UK other than as a sole representative;
  • Continues to be in receipt of a salary from employer.
  • Record the accounts, invoices or letters from firms with whom who you have done business with.

The standard processing timeline for the UK Sole representative visa extension is 8-10 weeks and the applicant can visit the appointment centre in person along with the supporting documents. You may also apply on a priority service or super priority service and expect an outcome in 5 working day and 1 working day respectively.

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With our customer centric approach, we will evaluate the merits of your application and whether you have complied with all the requirements for your extension in the last 3 years.

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