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How to apply for an EEA Family Permit?

Published on: 13 Sept 2019
Reading time: Approx 6 mins

EEA Family Permits are issued to family members of EEA nationals who reside outside the UK to assist their entry clearance in the UK or accompany the EEA national subject to the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2916 and not under the Immigration Rules.

These permits have the validity period of six months from the issue date. If you happen not to be an EEA or Swiss national but are related to one, the EEA Family Permit applies to you and EEA residence card is granted to you, if the eligibility criteria are met.

Eligibility for EEA Family Permit

The applicant for EEA Family permits must be

  • Family Member of an EEA National
  • Or must be an extended family member of an EEA National.

Where the EEA National must be either

  • Staying in the UK formerly
  • Planning to travel with the applicant to the UK within six months of the date of the application.

On the other hand if the EEA national has stayed in the UK for more than three months then they must either:

  • Be a ‘qualified person’.
  • Possess a permanent right of residence in the UK.

Under the EEA Family Permit, Family members consist of:

  • Spouses or civil partners
  • Direct descendants of the EEA National
  • Dependent direct descendants of the EEA National
  • Dependent direct relatives in the ascending line, for instance, parents and grandparents of the EEA National
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EU regulations also allow a certain class of relatives as ‘extended family members’:

  • EEA Extended Family Members are detailed elaborately under Part 8 of the EEA regulations and include siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces.
  • Non-EEA overseas family members must exhibit that either they are dependent on the EEA national or are a family member or suffering from a serious health condition and have to depend on them for their care.
  • Unmarried partners also belong to this category and must be in a position to prove that they possess a lasting consistent relationship with the EEA national.

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