Being a UK immigration lawyer or a Visa consultant is far from easy. But dedicated lawyers do it to make life a little better for the world around them. Take Anshekka Gambhir for example. Anshekka is The SmartMove2UK’s (a unit of SmartMove Immigration) newest immigration advisory team member, having joined as a UK immigration lawyer in our Delhi office. And she has already learnt what makes her work so valuable. She talks about her first experience in the account below:

It is not until you try something new do you really know what it is going to be like, becoming a UK Immigration lawyer in Delhi was this new thing in my life. It came in as a challenge and a new experience that I was willing to explore and learn from.
My first visa assistance was for a client who had a 10 year ban after his visit visa application was refused. He was denied entry into the UK altogether and all he wanted to do was go visit some childhood friends. He visited us in the 8th year of his ban with minimum hopes of actually getting a visa acceptance. The determination one gets to help such clients is what I felt for the first time. The confidence we gave him made him believe in us and we got instructions to go ahead with his process.
Walking through his case I realized how minute details matter the most and how getting everything in order is key. All that was taught in theory was without a doubt useful but working with a client one on one increased my practical knowledge. It was only when we starting getting his file in order did we realize all the loopholes that we could work through. After having waited for 3 weeks for a result from the home office we finally received a positive verdict. The client had zero hopes and our efforts overturned his ban. In that moment, to me, his happiness meant the world even though I just assisted his case. I can only imagine how elated I’ll feel when my first solo client will get an acceptance.
It was a complicated yet challenging case and I couldn’t have asked for a better kick start to my journey as an immigration advisor.

Precision is Key.

That is the lesson a visa applicant can take from Anshekka’s first case as an immigration lawyer in Delhi. If you would like to avail the expertise and professional assistance of a world class visa advisory team, for any category of UK visas, be sure to leave your details in the form and one of our associates will be in touch with you shortly. Visa applications can be a complicated affair. Better take your chances with professionals than doing it yourself; better to be safe than to be sorry.

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