Anshu Bhimte’s story will remain a stand out UK Immigration lawyer testimonial, paying testament not only to SmartMove Immigration’s dependable excellence, but also to the value immigration lawyers provide to a society.

Mrs. Anshu is a sweet, simple and kind woman whose only mistake in her visa application procedure was not planning correctly, leading her to apply for the wrong category of visas under the wrong circumstances.

This sort of error is common in the world of UK Visa applications, given the nuances in the often subjective assessment of the application by Immigration officers.

But common things, can often lead to long and tedious ordeals taking a toll on a person’s life, with undue stress and loss of time. As Mrs. Anshu stated in her interview, the most painful part of her ordeal was the waiting…

Mrs. Anshu Bhimte’s Testimonial

Congratulations Mrs. Anshu on staying strong, and eventually fighting your way to a secured and happy future with your husband in the United Kingdom.
For everyone else, Mrs. Anshu had the kindness to share the story of her painful visa experiences with us and the rest of the world, so that others don’t make the same errors she did. It shows how strong you truly are in character. We thank you for choosing SmartMove Immigration to help you with your UK Visa troubles.

SmartMove Immigration’s Outreach Initiative

Mrs. Anshu Bhimte faced her visa woes with UK Visit Visa, Spouse Visa and Fiance Via applications. However, the chances of facing undue complications turn significantly higher (with more at stake, we might add). Director at SmartMove Immigration, Mr. Hemang Laaheru, has launched an outreach initiative in which he and his team of highly experienced associates will be conducting a series of talks around the UK Innovator Visa and UK Start-up Visa options for Indian businesses in the United Kingdom.

The talks will be conducted at the Grand Hyatt in different cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. Should you be interested, contact Email to to get the details of the closest talk to you.

You can find our presence in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Bengaluru as well as Mumbai being our registered office along with international boundaries extending to London.

You could also fill out your details in the form and we shall arrange a call back by one of our associates at SmartMove Immigration to discuss your business immigration possibilities to the UK. You could just be the reason behind our next 5-star UK Immigration lawyer testimonial.

Think Visas, Think SmartMove Immigration.


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