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Plan a Holiday to the Seven Kingdoms.

Published on: 26 July 2019
Reading time: Approx 5 mins

Are you curious to know more about the GoT filming locations? From Harry Potter to Snow White, and to the most recent frenzy of Game of Thrones, the United Kingdom has always been a go to place for film producers looking to create a fantastical background for their stories.

And why wouldn’t they? What better place in the world can offer the majestic landscapes, the legendary castles and mystical atmosphere that the UK offers its visitors? If you yourself were to create a story of magic, wonder and awe, which country would you choose?

Of course, most of us aren’t authors or film producers or actors. However, we all have a storyteller inside us; an admirer of earthly beauty. While we may not be in the literal universe that these imaginative authors created like Westeros in Game of Thrones, we are well within our capabilities to go and experience the land that was used to create the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros: Northern Ireland.

In this series, SmartMove Immigration brings you a list of the iconic locales of the Game of Thrones Universe located in Northern Ireland, UK. Experience the magic of Westeros in real life by planning your next holiday to Northern Ireland with a UK visit visa.

Game of Thrones locations in Northern Ireland for you to visit

1) Winterfell

Ancestral Home of House Stark- The SmartMove Immigration

The ancestral home of House Stark is portrayed in a 16th century castle known as Castle Ward. Here tourists are allowed to practice archery in the same spot as the Stark siblings, wear authentic Westoros clothings and also feast on a lavish medieval banquet.

2) The Haunted forest filled with White Walkers

The Haunted Forest filled with White walkers

Walk the paths of the eerie white walkers through majestic red woods and centuries old stone structures in Tollymore Forest Park. This is the location where audiences first came face to face with the undead creatures. This is also the location where the Stark siblings encounter their new born wolves for the first time. Search for hidden treasures through this forest in your UK holiday. But be sure to stay alert, lest you might find yourself victim to a blue eyed menace.

If residents of India want to visit UK for holiday purpose is wife's bank statement enough to get visa for husband kids and self

- General Question
The applicants applying for Visit Visa must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds held in their names (either wife or husband) and they will be supporting the other applicants as well.

3) Dothraki Sea

Dothraki Sea - Games Of Thrones

Experience memories of Kahl Drogo riding towards Vaes Dothrak with his new bride, Daenerys Targaryen, beneath Slemish Mountain in the Shillanavogy Valley.  This is also the place where St Patrick once served as a Sheppard.

4) Kingsroad

Games Of Throne | The Kingsroad filming location

The beautiful canopy covered pathway that still brings with it visions of Brienne of Tarth riding in her freshly made armour and the Oathkeeper in her scabbard, making a final look of longing towards the Kingslayer, before riding on to complete her quest.  The real life locale that made all this happen is none other than The Dark Hedges. Make your way down the Dark Hedges to Gracehill house and have a medieval drink and dinner party, true GoT style.

5) Dorne

Duncle castle for GOT Filming

Quintin Bay provides the backdrop for the dramatic scene in which Jaime Lannister and Bronn of the Blackwater hatch a plan to steal Jaime’s daughter from Dorne. Take a walk down the serene sands of Quentin Castle, which has overlooked Quintin Bay since the year 1184.

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