The personal interview is one of the most crucial steps in getting a UK visa, if not the most crucial. Attending an interview for UK visa is mandatory for Tier 4 student visa applicants, while the Home Office reserves the right to interview all other visa applicants.

If called for an interview then answering the UK visa interview questions accurately is an opportunity for you to convince the immigration officer that your intentions for visiting/migrating to the UK are sincere, and everything you have stated in your application is indeed true and correct.

While this may be seen as a great opportunity to overcome the potential shortcomings of your applications for many, it may also be seen as a big hurdle for many others. This is because people are generally afraid of sitting for interviews, be it for a job opportunity, a college admission, or even for a visa application process.

Although the interview questions for different UK visa applications may vary, our associates at The Smartmove2UK who specialize in UK visa applications, documentation and UK immigration advisory, have extensive experience in the UK immigration laws to prepare applicants and to boost their confidence to attend UK visa interview.

As part of our full representation service our UK immigration experts routinely prepare clients for their UK visa interviews. In this section we are sharing typical questions that students appearing for UK visa interview can expect:

Why UK?

  1. What is the Purpose of your trip?
  2. Why did you pick the UK to study

Your academic back ground?

  1. Where did you do your last course of study?
  2. What is your specialization?
  3. What is your high school, degree or master’s % or grade?
  4. What were your subjects in your last course of study (high school, degree or master)?

Current Job / Business?

  1. Show your Experience Certificate. (if applicable)
  2. (If you are currently working) Why are you leaving your current job?

IELTS/ PTE/ English waiver/ Personal Course related questions:

  1. Have taken any English Test ( in case English is waived)
  2. On what grounds you managed to get a waiver for English?
  3. Who took your interview? Was it through Skype/ telephonic or personal?
  4. Your scores are low? Why?

Sponsor and Financial Details

  1. Have you got any Loans? What are the sources of income of your sponsor?
  2. How do you plan to re pay your loan?
  3. What is your tuition fee? How much have you paid? When and how?

Career Prospects

  1. What are your plans after completing your reason of visit? Have you researched your Career prospects?
  2. What will you do once you finish your course in UK
  3. Do you intend to work in UK during or after completion of your studies?
  4. How can you prove that you will go back to your home country after your purpose for being in the UK is completed?


  1. Have you been refused a UK visa?

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