UK Skilled Worker Visa 2021 – Everything you need to know

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The start of EU ‘Grace Period’ – What to expect?

A UK skilled worker visa is used by workers to do a job by an approved employer. This visa is a replacement of the Tier-2 general work visa by the UK. Anyone can be eligible for a Skilled Worker visa if your employer is in a UK based entity approved by the Home Office, and you’ve their certificate of sponsorship. You can apply for the visa after having confirmed the job offer with a minimum salary, depending on the work you do. Applications are taken online, and outside the EU Settlement Scheme and Ireland, anyone wanting to work in the UK needs to apply for this visa. At the SmartMove2UK, you can have a painless experience while applying for a UK work permit visa from India. 

Knowledge of English for UK Skilled Worker Visa

Anyone applying for the visa needs to prove their knowledge of English. You can only be exempted if you have successfully done so in a previous application.

A national from the countries approved by the Home Office need not prove their knowledge of English. However, if you’re a national from any other country, you must prove that you speak, read, write and understand English to at least level B1. You can do so by passing an English language test approved by the Home Office, or have a degree in a subject taught in English, equivalent to the UK’s bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or a Ph.D.

How much does it cost?

To apply for a Tier-2 visa for Skilled Worker, you’ll need money for paying:

  • The application fee (£610-£1408)
  • The healthcare surge(£624/year)
  • The living costs (£1270)

The exact estimates will be provided to you when you apply.

If your job is on the shortage occupation list, then you’ll have to pay a lower application fee.

You can also apply for the visa despite not meeting the living costs if your employer supports you instead. This must be mentioned on the certificate of sponsorship.

Documents you’ll need to apply for UK Skilled Worker Visa in 2021

  • A unique number provided on the certificate of sponsorship given by your employer
  • A valid travel document that shows your identity and nationality
  • A proof of your knowledge in the English language
  • The job title and salary
  • The occupation code of your job
  • The name of your employer and sponsor license number

A criminal record certificate will also need to be issued if you work in education, healthcare, therapy, or social services.

Apply from outside the UK

To apply for a Skilled Worker visa, you need to fill in an online application. If you have dependants, they need to apply separately.

To prove your identity, you either need to:

  • Visit a visa application center and have your fingerprints and photo taken.
  • Or use the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app to create an account and scan your identity document.

You will be told exactly what you need to do when you’re applying. For taking an appointment, the center might either keep your supporting documents and passport while they process your visa application or you might need to travel to your nearest visa application center.

After you have applied and provided the supporting documents, you usually get a decision within 3 weeks. You will be contacted if there some issue with your application or you need to attend an interview. You will finally get an email with a decision on your application. 

Dependants of Tier-2 General Visa UK

Your children and partner can join you as dependants if they are eligible to do so and their visa application is successful.

To be eligible as a dependant the person must be:

  • Your civil partner, husband, wife, or an unmarried partner.
  • Your child under the age of 18, born in the UK during your stay.
  • Your child, over the age of 18 and living in the UK as your dependant.

A UK dependant’s visa will be valid as long as your visa is valid and it ends on the same day as your visa validity ends.

Extend your UK Skilled Worker Visa

You can extend your Skilled Worker visa based on the following eligibility criteria –

  • You still hold the same job as you were approved to during your previous visa application.
  • Your job is in the same occupation code as it was during your previous visa application.
  • You work for the same employer who gave you your current certificate of sponsorship.

Extension of visa for dependants also needs to be done separately.

If you have a Tier-2 general work visa and you need to extend it, you will have to meet a different set of eligibility criteria for the Skilled Worker visa. Your certificate of sponsorship will also change as per the new visa.

If you’ve changed your job or employer, you will have to update your visa instead of extending it. You will have to apply online and will receive an email upon successful extension.

Thus, to apply for a Skilled Worker visa you will need to meet with a rigorous application process. To ease things out, the SmartMove2UK provides you with a personal review service that you can use to rectify mistakes on your application. You can also choose the SmartMove2UK’s full representation service where experts take care of your entire application process and you can smoothly receive your visa and can focus on other aspects of working in the UK.

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