If you are coming to the UK with a tier 2 visa, then you may bring your family as your dependent.

Who are called as dependants?

Under the UK immigration rules dependants means,

When to apply Tier 2 dependant visa?

You can apply for a dependant visa from either inside or outside the UK.

You can apply with the Tier 2 main applicant to join the UK on the same time or you can join later he is in the UK.

Requirements to be made:

You can apply for a dependant visa from either inside or outside the UK.

You can apply with the Tier 2 main applicant to join the UK on the same time or you can join later he is in the UK.

1. Relationship Requirements

a) Spouse/Partner

Those who are applying for a dependant visa must be the spouse or civil partner, unmarried or same sex partner of a who is either:

  • Is presently in the UK and holds a leave under tier 2
  • Is at the same time applying for leave under tier 2

If you are married there are certain list of documents which you can provided in support of application to prove your genuine and subsisting relationship for tier 2 dependant visa:

  • If you married or in a civil partnership, then you will need to provide marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate
  • If you were living together the utility bills (food bills,travel bill are also acceptable if you’re regularly ordering in the place where you residing with your partner)
  • Travel history with your partner
  • Photographs with your partner
  • Jointly held bank account with your partner
  • Property jointly held property with your partner, etc.

b) Unmarried partner

Unmarried partners must have been living together in a relationship for a period of 2 years at least and provide evidence to prove the same.

c) Genuine and subsisting Relationship

You and your partner will also have to prove that your Relationship is subsisting and genuine. The evidence e you provide will vary from case to case. We would suggest too include a letter from support outlining the history of your relationship as well as evidence of your relationship.

d) Children

Those who are applying as child dependent must be under the age of 18 years. There are certain requirements which are to be met:

  • The whole family is applying for visas at the same time
  • Both parents are present in the UK with the children applying to join them from overseas
  • One parent has lawful residence and the other parent is applying for visa from overseas at same time as the children.

How much savings to be shown for a child accompanying her mother who is visiting UK on Tier II employment visa?

- Question asked in a forum
A child would have to show atleast GBP 315 for one child maintained in their account for a period of time as per maintenance requirement.

2. Maintenance requirement

You must show at least 630 in personal savings for each dependant. You must have held this funds in the bank for minimum 90 days prior to the date of visa application.

3. English Requirement

There are currently no English requirements for the dependent of those who are applying under tier 2 dependent.

If you are applying for Tier 2 dependent visa or require assistance to apply for Tier 2 Dependent visa you can get assistance the Tier 2 dependent Immigration experts at The SmartMove2UK [a division of SmartMove Immigration] for advice on your Tier 2 Dependent application. You can contact The SmartMove2UK on +91 98191 27002 or email at [fusion_tooltip title=”Email to info@smi.legal” class=”” id=”” placement=”top” trigger=”hover”]info@smi.legal[/fusion_tooltip]. With prior appointment, you can either Skype or Walk-in directly to the offices of The SmartMove2UK in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh and also at London.

We have tier type 2 dependent visa so can we go UK from India is there any possibility while India added in Red List of corona virus can we go UK

- Question asked in a forum
You can visit the UK if you have a valid long-term residence permit, and you will be required to follow all rules upon arrival in the UK given the Covid-19 situation.


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