UK visas recognise that couples need not necessarily be married to be in a relationship, it recognizes couples living together as UK unmarried partners.

However, the Home Office requires that the applicants demonstrate that they are in a genuine and subsisting relationship.

Meaning of genuine & subsisting: What does Home Office mean by this

There are various pitfalls while applying for an unmarried partner application as meeting the eligibility criterion and demonstrating evidence for the same is challenging.

The Home Office regulations specify that for a relationship to be genuine and subsisting the unmarried partners need to have lived together for a minimum of 2 years before the date of application. [relook at this point – is this lived together or be in a relationship similar to marriage]

In order to prove cohabitation, providing documents appended below will suffice as evidence:

  • Tenancy Agreement or land registry in the name of either of the partners or jointly.
  • Utility bills of property where the partners cohabited together.
  • A letter from the landlord, affirming that the partners cohabited together.
  • A letter from the parents of both the partners, evidencing their knowledge of the relationship

Evidence that can help in making a strong unmarried partner visa application are:

  • Bank statements of joint account shared by the unmarried partners or with partner as a nominee.
  • policies are not issued for people not related Photographs of the partners together, socially, on vacation or with family.
  • Social media posts shared by either of the partners on Facebook or Instagram
  • Social media posts shared by friends or family with regard to the partners on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Chat histories from WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook, evidencing regular communication between the partners.
  • Travel itineraries and hotel booking for trips taken together. Stamps on Passports can also be used to prove travels together.

This list mentioned above is not exhaustive but if one can pull off these documents, the application is set to be in the right direction for the aspiring unmarried partners to be together in the UK.  However, the decision taken by the Home Office is on a case-to-case basis and is determined by the circumstances and evidences provided for the entire application.

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