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UK Visa Updates

The proposed updates in Fees for Visas to the UK have been implemented starting on the 6th of April. All aspiring UK Visa applicants must now keep the new fee structure in mind in order to avoid any confusion or setbacks. The updated fees can be found on any UK Government approved website. However, if you require any clarity, contact professional immigration advisers for details regarding which category fees have remained unchanged, which categories have changed and by how much. The fee updating is a yearly practice, in order to keep up with global inflation.

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UK Spouse | Marriage | Partner Visa – timeline 2017 and other important info

You can apply for a UK spouse visa if you are above 18 years of age, and married to a British citizen or to an individual with an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). The immigration rules require both sponsor and applicant to meet certain requirements. In an application, the sponsor (the person residing in the UK or British Citizen returning to the UK who is residing and working overseas) is required to…

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EU Exit Negotiations Update –

The latest round of negotiations between the UK and EU concluded yesterday in Brussels.
Progress was made on several fronts – including on the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and UK nationals in the EU.
On healthcare, for example, we agreed to protect the rights to reciprocal healthcare, including European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs), for EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU who are present on the day of exit.
Both sides also agreed that the rights of cross border workers should be protected.
On economic rights, we have confirmed the right of EU citizens to set up and manage a business in the UK, and the same applies to British citizens in their Member State of residence.
It contained these commitments:

  • EU citizens with settled status will continue be treated as if they were UK nationals for education, healthcare, benefits, pensions and social housing after we leave the EU.
  • No EU citizen currently in the UK lawfully will be asked to leave at the point we leave the EU. EU citizens will have at least two years to regularise their status.
  • The process to apply for settled status will be streamlined and user friendly, including for those who already hold a permanent residence document under current free movement rules. We expect the system to be up and running in 2018.

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The Queen’s speech on Wednesday laying down the Legislative agenda for the special two year parliamentary session until summer 2019 contained eight separate pieces of Brexit legislation. Know more

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UK government will charge non-Brits a fiver to email to visa and immigration services. Know more


Choosing the right category of UK visa can appear to be confusing for example, should one apply for a UK business visitor visa or UK general visitor visa or UK family visitor visa.

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We really appreciate your service towards guidance and documentation part for issuance of UK…

Notandas & Sons, Mumbai, Overseas Domestic Work visa

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Surayya A, Mumbai, Visitor Visa

Falguni, many thanks for your help in getting the exit visa and passport issue resolved for…

Ravi S, London, Surrogacy Visa

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Case Studies

Read about SmartMove2 UK diverse experiences of working on some of the most challenging UK Immigration cases.

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Applying Judicial Review to overturn country ban under rule 320 7B.

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Falguni Laheru, Solicitor (Immigration) for SmartMove2UK interacts with Jon Sopel on BBC World News from Mumbai.

She is responding to the immigration interview of Jon Sopel and UK Prime Minister David Cameron on his visit to India.

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Lorraine Rodrigues, UK Dependant Visa applicant, Mumbai

Hear Lorraine Rodrigues share details of the Judicial Review that our Solicitor Falguni Laheru filed for her Dependent visa.

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UK Visa – Important information

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