What will a day in Post Brexit UK look like? Well, that’s the big debate among scholars. The Brexiteers would have us believe that the UK will ultimately be freer, richer and have more control of their own destiny; the UK will certainly have more control over their own borders. And of course, the remainder thinks the UK will be poorer, smaller and also less influential.

Whatever the scenario turns out to be, we believe it is going to heavily depend on the future relationships of Britain with the EU. If it’s very close to what is currently the case, the economic damage will be limited to some degree.

Based on how the current deal that the Prime Minister had struck earlier this year (rejected at parliament), the manufactured goods would carry on for the time being mostly unaffected by Brexit, except the fact that the UK will have no say in making these rules.

One thing is for certain, it will be more difficult to export goods from the UK into a single market of the EU. It would also be more expensive to import goods, in turn making a day in the UK more expensive post-Brexit. Another certainty is that it will be a much tighter immigration environment, leading to fewer skilled workers (and unskilled), required to keep key sectors of the economy going like agriculture. This also poses for domestic assistance sectors like care homes and NHS for medical staff.

It’s almost impossible to overstate just how divided the country and the world is on the Brexit issue. There have been opinion polls which show that people identify themselves now as ‘remainers’ or ‘leavers’ far more than they identify themselves as the supporters of a particular political party.

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