Business investment opportunities in the UK and being an entrepreneur through innovator visa

by UK Immigration Law Firm in India

Published on: 09th April 2022
Reading time: Approx 5 mins

The UK is considered a preferred destination for new businesses and entrepreneurs looking to expand their business or trial new products. There are many opportunities for businesses to enter into the UK for growth, establishing a global presence and expanding their marketplace.

There are many businesses to invest in the UK, and several visa routes that have traditionally been open to investors and entrepreneurs. However, recently, the Home Office has announced a slew of changes to the Business visas to the UK.

You can visit the links given below to view more about these important updates!

But there still remain several business investment opportunities in the UK available for businesses and companies seeking expansion to the UK. Individuals can leverage the Innovator Visa route to enter the UK to set up a new business and make a UK business investment in any program of their choice.

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You can apply for a UK Innovator visa if you have an innovative idea, and can be converted into a scalable and viable business. This visa will allow you to do business in the UK, in the city of your choice like Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and more…

You will need an endorsement from an authorised endorsing body.

Click here to view the complete list of the different UK Innovator visa endorsing bodies.

Among other business, technology and education sectors, there are many property investment opportunities in the UK as well.
Once you are in the UK on an Innovator visa, in addition to working on your business idea you can also invest in the property market in the UK. There are many business opportunities in the UK for Indian and other foreign investors and business owners as well.