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Case Study – Dependent of a Health & Care Worker

Amit Singh

Visa type:
Dependent of a Health & Care Worker

Health & Care Worker

About the client

Mr. Amit’s wife was a healthcare worker by profession and was living in the UK with the UK Healthcare worker visa. And our client, Mr. Amit, wanted to join her as a ‘dependent’.

However, his main concern was that he had overstayed his student visa and was also working cash-in-hand jobs there since 2012.

A while after he started working, there was an immigration raid in his workplace. Amit was detained in Cyprus for 3 days and banned for 5 years, for breaching immigration rules as a ‘student’ & for overstaying and taking up employment illegally.

Amit was detained in Cyprus and couldn’t go back there for 5 years.

“I had no idea what to do. I was so scared. It is not a good feeling being detained and banned. I never saw any hope of travelling overseas in the future. And when my wife moved to the UK, the distance was too much for us. So I turned to The SmartMove2UK, and it was the best decision I ever made. Not only did they make me feel relieved and comfortable about my application, but also positively encouraged me to not lose hope. And they were right. I would not be living with my wife in the UK if it wasn’t for The SmartMove2UK”.
Amit Singh, New Delhi, India

Our Solution

Our immigration solicitors reviewed Amit’s case thoroughly and also the UK immigration requirements with a detailed representation of facts, laws and research made by our lawyers for case laws, we were able to get him a favourable outcome.

The Result

We filed an application, submitted all the supporting evidence, and helped him receive a successful dependent visa.

Amit had tears of joy when he received the approved visa because he had no faith in getting approved because of his immigration history. But nothing is impossible for The SmartMove2UK!

Our UK immigration lawyers and a team of solicitors looks after every aspect of your immigration journey and ensure your application has a 100% chance of success.