In most cases, applicants are only concerned about the chances of Spouse Visa refusal after their application process is done, and are waiting to hear back from the Home Office. But given the expenses, time, and effort put into something as serious as a Spouse Visa application, our UK Partner Visas experts at The SmartMove2UK suggest taking these numbers into consideration BEFORE you start applying.

According to latest statistics released by the Home Office 1 in 4 Spouse visa applications are refused. This is an alarming statistic given that an applicant spends almost £ 1200 in spouse visa fees not to mention additional fees if opting for fast track processing. This coupled with processing times lasting 12-14 weeks makes it really disappointing to get a refusal. Even if you decide to challenge your UK Visa refusal, you still end up waiting for 9 – 12 months to get an outcome.

The grounds of refusal can vary from not providing adequate evidence of relationship or meeting the financial requirement or providing relevant proof of meeting the English language requirement.

Reasons for not providing the documents can stem from lack of awareness or simply incorrectly interpreting the varied Home Office guidance.

Don’t end up being a statistic.

Love is not worth a gamble but the high chances of Spouse visa Refusal does make it one, and an expensive one at that. So no matter how prepared you think you are with your application. All a spouse visa refusal requires is one loose end and your time and money goes down the drain. This is why it is always recommended to consult a professional. Immigration lawyers with proven expertise and success in dealing with UK spouse visa cases, as evidenced by the countless UK Visa successful clients who are living a happier life in the UK with their partner thanks to our services.

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