Whether you’re a final year undergraduate, or a postgraduate student in the UK, the clock’s ticking. You need to make some decisions about your future career. But you’ve made one decision. You’ve decided that you really want to stay in the UK and work in the UK. You love the culture, you love the freedom, the relaxed way of working, and maybe you’ve even got used to the weather.

But you need to have the Tier 2 Work Visa Work Visa to work there, and you need to be sponsored by a company. The SmartMove2UK (a unit of Smart Move Immigration) has helped numerous international students with their tier 4 student visas, and the foremost questions we get asked are,

“I just don’t know who will be able to sponsor me after I finish my degree?”

“Can you give me a list of companies that sponsor the Tier 2?”

“What are my chances of successfully getting a Graduate level job in the UK?”

Or even, “I don’t care where I work, I just want to stay in the UK. Please help?”

In the previous editions (Part 1 and Part 2) of this article, my colleagues Senior Immigration advisor Surabhi Singh and Immigration advisor Prabha answered three of the 4 questions above and helped you to see how you can successfully get a graduate job in the UK.

Today, I Drishti Saxena, will tackle the last, but one of the more worrying questions of concern that grad students in the UK have:

I don’t care where I work, I just want to stay in the UK. Please help?

Before you start rushing out applying to the list of companies offering Tier 2 Sponsorships, here’s some valuable advice. If you’re one of those students who say, “I don’t care where I work, I just want to stay back in the UK”, then be careful.

Without a clear job strategy, it will be very difficult to get a Tier 2 job. You must think about your skills, qualities and your motivation for applying. We have learned a lot from our past students who we successfully helped get a Tier 2 Visa in the UK. So we know what the keys to job success are, even if we do not assist in job search and only assist in immigration procedures.

Here are our top tips for finding the right Tier 2 Sponsor:

  1. Don’t be only focused on finding anyone that can sponsor the Tier 2, it’s much more than that. You need to search for the company that sees your value and believes in you.
  2. It’s about how you sell yourself; your skills, language, personality and your attitude.
  3. From a company perspective, sponsoring an international student is taking on extra responsibility. You need to prove that you’re a valuable investment. And final,
  4. Many students in the UK that I have spoken to managed to make a very strong impression during their internship, that they were hired permanently by their employer. In some cases, the employer had to apply for a license just because they wanted to hire the student.


Focus on WHY they should employ you, and the value that you will bring to their company.

If you want a company to sponsor you, whether they have the Tier 2 Sponsor License or not, you need to prove to them that you’re worth it.

You need to answer the following two questions, if you want a company to sponsor you:

  1. Why should they employ you?
  2. And why should they employ you over a British Graduate?

Whether you apply for a graduate program at a large international company or a graduate job at a small to medium sized company, the strategy for success is the same: Focus on WHY they should employ you, and the value that you will bring to their company.

If you’re committed to staying and working in the UK, then we can help.

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