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Same sex partner UK

An applicant who is a same sex partner of a British Citizen or of a person who is present and settled in the UK can apply for entry clearance as same sex partner visa.

In the event that the applicant is residing outside the UK, then an entry clearance application as a same sex partner can be submitted to the British High Commission in the country of nationality or country of origin of the applicant. However if the applicant is already in the UK (with a visa issued for longer than six months) then they can switch into same sex partner visa from inside the UK by making FLR (M) application to the Home Office.

At SmartMove2UK our immigration solicitors have expertise in providing advise and assistance to applicants applying as same sex partners of persons who are settled in UK. You can contact us if you are seeking legal help from UK visa consultants in relation to UK same sex partner visa.

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Switching to UK spouse visa

A person who is in the UK with leave to remain which was originally granted for period of more than six months and who is married to or is civil partner or unmarried partner or same sex partner of:

  • a British Citizen, or
  • a person with ILR, or
  • a person with refugee status, or
  • as a person with humanitarian protection

can apply to switch into spouse visa or unmarried partner visa or civil partner visa or same sex partner visa from inside the UK as long as he/she meets all the relevant requirements of the Immigration Rules.

If you are in the UK on a visit visa you will generally not be able to switch to spouse visa or unmarried partner visa or civil partner visa or same sex partner visa of visa unless you can show exceptional circumstances.

Financial requirement for UK spouse visa, unmarried partner visa UK, civil partner visa UK, Same sex partner visa UK.

The sponsor (British citizen or settled person) must meet the financial requirement. The applicant must provide evidence that the sponsor’s gross annual income is at least £18,600, this requirement increases if there are children who are non EEA nationals, in such a scenario the sponsor will have to show an additional