Sonia Kabir stares out of the window in her small town Haryana house wondering… wishing… It had been only a few months since the day that she had married. Things seemed to be getting out of hand since. Her husband, Bashir Kabir, is a Portuguese national (of Haryana descent) living and working in the UK exercising his treaty rights. She did everything as per her family’s wishes. She had met Bashir only once and it seemed enough; the plan was for them to get married and join her husband in the UK and start a life together. If only life liked simple plans…

She remembers the hope and happiness with which her and her husband had put forth her EEA Family Permit application. She had applied for the EEA Family Permit from Delhi. It would have been a matter of time for her to join her EU spouse in the UK. However, she was jolted by the refusal of her EEA Family Permit application, the entry clearance officer was not satisfied that their arranged marriage was genuine and subsisting.

Sonia’s husband searched for the UK Visa Immigration experts in Haryana and Chandigarh and came across SmartMove2UK a reputed UK immigration law firm. Her EEA Family Permit application was then then filed in Delhi in March, 2016. As Sonia is standing in her house, gazing at the vast fields in front of her window, she is having flashes of memories over the ordeal she had been through over the last several days… or was it weeks… or was it months… Time seems to be a blur lately, ever since that fateful wedding day.

At first, she was thinking of her first fight with her otherwise gentle husband… Over a phone call of course. He had gone back to the UK. The time difference made it hard for them to agree to a mutual time to talk.

Moreover she always had a disliking for telephone conversations. She was fearful of disembodies voices… But fate it seems isn’t without a sense of irony. Her nightmares these days were all to do with her phone conversations; which were her only source of information, and pain combined.

“They are saying that your application was not straightforward, and is subjected to extended checks”, the UK Immigration lawyer assisting her with her EEA Family permit application’s sweet but professional voice over the phone comes to Sonia’s mind.. “This may mean that they hold the application for longer than normal”…

That was the last she had heard.

Now as she stands here in a daze, her train of thought goes back to that happy and fateful day she had put forth her EEA Family Permit application. That day when they were all so happy… just a few months ago right? She tears her gaze away from the window and checks the calendar. Well… that was 9 months and 11 days ago to be precise. And every added day is bringing with it a newer understanding of pain in getting her UK Visa…

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